Can Men Pole Dance? Here’s What You Should Know

Can Men Pole Dance

Pole dancing has recently been increasingly popular for entertainment and fitness, mainly among women.

This dancing practice brings numerous benefits, such as keeping fit, strengthening the entire body, and increasing cardiovascular stamina.

With the popularity, men are also interested in this activity, but many people suppose that pole dancing is not ideal for guys.

Because of the feminine nature and flexibility requirements of this dancing, men also wonder whether they can perform this art.

So, can men pole dance? This article will show you the exact answer. If you also want to participate in this activity, let’s scroll down to learn some tips!

Can Men Pole Dance?

The good news is yes! Men can do pole dancing as a way of exercise. Yet, you should consider fitness rules in studios and how to maneuver a pole properly.

Recently, the number of guys interred in pole dancing has been significantly increasing, proving this activity’s popularity among both males and females.

According to many pole dance coaches, it’s not weird for guys to participate in pole dancing classes.

Despite the same fundamental training, the most significant difference between pole dancing for women and men is the styling.

Contrary to popular belief, men don’t need to move or dance like girls. You can perform the dance style you love.

Moreover, pole dancing is an excellent method of exercise, strength training, performance, balance training, meditative practice, or athletic training.

Pole dancing is an excellent alternative without repetition if you find it challenging or boring to do cardiovascular exercises.

Why Can Men Do Pole Dancing?

Below are some main points to keep in mind if you take up female pole dancing:

The Moves

Inherently, men’s bodies differ considerably from women’s, often having bigger frames that can accommodate more muscle.

Additionally, to highlight its characteristics and appear sexy, the man’s body often requires different movements.

Men may assume that this activity demands excessive flexibility if they participate in it.

For this reason, some guys may wonder whether they can perform pole dancing. However, this activity is appropriate for any gender.


While the male’s body may be less flexible than the female’s, they can practice their flexibility with regular stretches.

Moreover, they can become more flexible if they practice on a pole regularly.

Yoga is among the activities you may do to improve your flexibility. Look for yoga positions that resemble the motions you make on the pole.

Consistency is essential to improve everything you want, including your flexibility, so be sure you practice stretching at least once per day, on a daily basis.

Physical Ability

Men and women have significantly diverse physical characteristics. Hence they have relatively distinct physical activity experiences.

For this reason, men and women should practice pole dancing in slightly different ways.

Choosing particular maneuvers that take advantage of the physical benefits males hold over females is one approach to achieve this.

Muscle Mass

If you’re a man who wants to master pole dancing, it’s best to focus on developing lean muscle mass instead of heavy muscle mass.

Bulky quadriceps and biceps may obstruct the intricate motions performed on the pole since they are heavier and more likely to block than lean muscles.

Pole dancing is a method of calisthenics, meaning you will use your weight to enhance muscle mass to get fit.

Therefore, if you practice pole dancing, you can strengthen great lean muscles.

You can consider some of the best maneuvers for males on the pole, such as floor works, spins, or climbs.

Reasons why men do pole dancing


In general, men weigh more than women. Nevertheless, because guys have higher levels of testosterone and total muscle mass than girls, they are often stronger.

Because of their inherent strength, males, if they put in the effort to learn the movements, can do strength feats that surpass those of women.

Is Pole Dancing Too Feminine For Men?

Some guys may wonder if they can perform the maneuvers used in pole dancing without appearing weird when performing it.

People often consider this activity only for female participants. It’s a common misconception.

Men can also learn and do the hardest physically demanding pole dancing spins and routines.

Another misconception about this activity is that it only includes erotic and sexy movements. It’s not entirely true!

There are other methods to increase flexibility that don’t strictly adhere to the criteria of sexy maneuvers.

The last unfortunate myth is that this activity is only for gay. That’s not always the case.

Doing pole dancing won’t reflect your gender. Also, everyone can take up this activity as a hobby, for entertainment, or fitness.

Several straight men participate in pole dancing classes due to the health benefits of this activity:

  • It helps you increase your overall strength.
  • You can tone your entire body with this activity.
  • It is an excellent way to improve flexibility.
  • Cardiovascular health can be better after regular practice.
  • You can enhance balance and coordination with time.
  • Your sleep quality is better after practicing pole dancing for a while.
  • It’s an excellent method of losing weight.

How To Do Male Pole Dancing?

Do you want to take up pole dancing as a hobby or for fitness? Or do you want to become a male dancer?

This activity involves various considerations, but below are some essential things to remember before starting this dancing!

Get Fit By Exercising

Pole dancers must look their best since they help people visualize their goals. It would be best if you increase your muscular mass.

You don’t need to look like a well-known expert but have well-defined abs and muscles.

If possible, register at a gym center. Try to practice lifting weights 2-3 times weekly to improve strength.

Ensure you always stay active! Even when you don’t go to the gym, you should participate in many other activities like swimming or running.

Pole dancing is for everyone

Reduce Fat

If you want to do pole dancing, you must shed pounds and reduce your overall body fat.

Follow a healthy diet

Focusing on foods with more fruits, whole grains, and vegetables would be best. Select the protein from lean sources like fish.

Avoid saturated fat in high-fat dairy foods such as butter and cheese and processed meats.

Instead, eat moderate portions of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats in nuts, fish, or vegetable oils.

Limit your portion sizes

Even if you are following a healthy diet, calories may increase. Therefore, you should limit your portion sizes at home and eat 50% of your meal in restaurants.

Eliminate sugary beverages

To shed excess pounds, you must completely remove sugary drinks from your daily diet. Instead, it’s better to use artificial sweeteners.

Practice daily physical activity

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, adults should perform moderate aerobic activities, like brisk walking, or vigorous exercise, like running.

Additionally, doing some strength training workouts twice weekly would be best. If you want to lose fat more quickly, exercise more!

Dress Up

Wear suitable clothes when practicing pole dancing. This way, you can move and dance more easily.

With the popularity of this activity, several pole wear manufacturers and brands have appeared on the market with numerous styles and designs.

If it’s your first time buying these clothes, you can consider the following reliable and well-known options:

  • Wink Dancewear
  • Dragonfly Brand
  • Backbone Polewear
  • Siluet Yoga Wear
  • Shakti Activewear
  • Grata Designs
  • Yoga Bela
  • Discount Dance
  • Energetiks
  • Hey Hey & Co.
  • Pole Emporium

In addition, you can get these clothes on online shopping websites such as eBay, Amazon, or Etsy.

Participate In A Male Pole Dancing Class

Your performance can’t be successful without smooth and appealing body movements.

For this reason, it’s better to look for pole dancing classes in your local region to improve and sharpen your skills.

If you can’t find any offline lessons in your neighborhood, it’s a good idea to search them on the internet for online courses.

After participating in these male sensual and burlesque dance classes, you can gain several skills and expertise.

Besides, pole dancing may involve specific hip-hop skills, so you may consider taking hip-hop classes to improve your pole sessions.

Join male pole dancing classes


Practice makes perfect! Always try to work on pole dancing whenever you have opportunities.

If you want to become a professional male pole dancer, try to focus on your movements.

Ensure you dance and move naturally while maintaining a proper position. Your face should be towards the audience, and remember to maintain eye contact.

Gain Some Experience

Look for locations with male artists on the stage and go there. If you are confident enough, show your eagerness to the show organizer that you desire to participate with the other participants.

When they allow you to enter performances without paying and will enable you to observe, they can guide you properly.

How To Make Pole Dancing Class More Comfortable For Men?

Finding an appropriate pole dancing lesson for males to attend can occasionally be challenging. Fitness studios frequently provide classes that are exclusively or mainly for women.

Therefore, some guys might believe that attending some of these sessions would be unpleasant and uncomfortable. However, you can enjoy these activities with these tips. Let’s see!

Online Classes

If you can set up a pole in your house, it’s a good idea to take online pole dancing classes.

However, if you prefer in-person courses, this option is unsuitable. Thus, think carefully before registration!

Moreover, you should only participate in online lectures if you have some experience in this activity because movements like inverts may be dangerous.

If you are a novice dancer and want to learn at home on your own, it’s best to have your family member or friend come over in case you may get some injuries during pole sessions.

Furthermore, it’s advisable to use safety mats on the areas around your pole to reduce unexpected injury.

Class With Only Men

If you are in big cities, you may be fortunate enough to discover a course for only men or a male pole dancing teacher.

If there is no pole dancing class with only men in your region, it’s a good idea to take the course for everyone.

You may assume it’s weird to attend in-person classes with female students. Don’t get yourself stressed!

These female dancers will respect you and your decision. They also welcome your attendance because all of the students in the class share the same passion for pole dancing.

Taking a few pole sessions is best if you still feel shy when studying with women. After that, you can set up a pole at home and keep practicing.

However, it’s best to enjoy offline classes. If you can overcome your shyness, you can make friends with others and feel more comfortable participating in the following courses.

Otherwise, there are numerous one-on-one classes to consider. Nevertheless, you have to pay for these lessons.

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Tips For Men To Do Pole Dance

If you are a newbie male pole dancer, follow these tips to improve your skills:

Start With An Instructor

Pole dancing has rapidly gained in popularity. As a result, it’s not hard to find classes or studios for men online or offline.

However, finding a professional instructor is essential because pole dancing may be dangerous when performing complicated movements.

Injuries are relatively common in this activity. The situation may get worse and fatal, like a broken neck in some circumstances.

If you can afford a one-on-one private class, here are well-known professional male pole dancers you can consider:

  • Evgeny Greshilov
  • Dimitry Politov
  • Dane Labbe

Prepare Yourself

Pole dancing often combines aerobic and resistance training into a potent total-body exercise.

Your muscles may first have difficulty lifting your weight without experiencing aches. With patience and practice, your muscles can begin to grow.

However, building muscle isn’t a simple procedure. Before you reach there, you should endure various hurts, including several pole kisses.

On your path to success, practice and improve daily, and do everything you can to care for your body.

Always practice holding the pole with the correct technique. Your teachers will give you some advice on how to prevent mishaps. Do not act independently of supervision.

Moreover, for the pole swing, you must increase your flexibility. You must maintain a regular workout, stretching practice, or yoga. Your flexibility will grow as the maneuvers get more complicated.

Warm Up Before Pole Dancing

Every dancer should begin with a thorough warm-up exercise.

Avoid skipping these warm-up activities because gradually picking up the tempo will reduce your risk of mussel injuries.

You can watch this video to have some warm up exercises before dancing:

Pay Attention To Your Safety

Safety is one of our top priorities because pole dancing may be a relatively dangerous sport.

The grip is among the serious issues of several pole dancers. Your hands, legs, and knees may also not adhere to the pole on some days due to excessive humidity or heat.

Don’t worry! You may practice your grip, and it will generally grow more robust and better as you do.

When you master this activity, you can perform more complex tricks like leg hangs or flips.

Don’t be scared to explore new things, but you need to consider how to keep dangerous mishaps from happening first.

Invest in some equipment to ensure your safety, such as crash mats or rubber bands. Also, get your instructor or companions to observe while you do the trick.

Your experience, level, and difficulty of the movements will show you the best practice method. Before doing any hard trick, always consider your safety first.


Can Men Take A Pole Dancing Class?

The short answer is yes! This activity is for any gender, so men can feel free to join a pole dancing class if they are interested in it.

What Clothes To Wear For Pole Dancing Men?

You can wear pole-dancing underwear. Otherwise, dance belts are great alternatives.

They can keep everything organized and tucked away without leaving any noticeable underwear lines.

Do You Have To Be Strong To Pole Dance?

The contour of your body does not determine your strength and athletic prowess for engaging in pole sports.

In fact, you don’t need to be strong or flexible to start this activity. You can learn and improve these things when doing this dancing.

Is Being A Pole Dancer Hard?

The short answer is yes! While this sport looks easy, it is relatively complex. It requires strength, confidence, and skill.

However, according to professionals, everyone can learn this activity for fun or fitness if they are strong and comfortable in their bodies.

Can Beginners Do Pole Dancing?

Yes! This activity is suitable for anyone. The best method to determine whether it is ideal for you is to try it.

If you are a beginner, look for professional teachers to get the right skills. Most importantly, practice if possible!

The Bottom Line

Can men pole dance? Yes! Contrary to popular belief, this activity is appropriate for everyone, including guys.

Men pole dancers have more physical power than female pole dancers, allowing them to perform impressive movements on the pole.

If you are a man and want to do this sport, go for it! It’s an excellent exercise to improve your overall strength.

If you have further questions, please comment below. We’re willing to reply to them all. Thank you for reading!

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