Can You Install A Dance Pole In A Mobile Home?

Can You Install A Dance Pole In A Mobile Home

Having the dance pole in your house allows you to practice easily. It’s an even better idea for those who join online classes.

However, not all houses can handle this installation. The project will get much harder if you live in a mobile home.

So can you install a dance pole in a mobile home? If yes, how to do it properly? This article will help you answer these questions. Let’s read on to discover!

Can You Install A Dance Pole In A Mobile Home?

Technically, yes. However, the stability and security of your dance pole depend on multiple factors.

We will discuss each right here so you can tell if installing the pole in your mobile home is a good idea.

The Structure Of Your Home

Mobile homes are prefabricated structures. We build them on a permanently fixed chassis before transporting them to the site.

Mobile homes can be secure as they must meet safety standards. However, some structures are vulnerable to external damage, such as storms and winds.

So before installing the dance pole, you must ensure that your mobile is sturdy. The following steps will help:

  • First, check the foundation to guarantee your home’s stability. It should be secure and level without any sign of shifting.
  • The next thing to examine is the frame. Since it acts as the backbone of your home, you should check for corrosion, rust, and damage. Any problem will compromise its strength.
  • Now pay attention to the roof. You shouldn’t install your dance pole if there are holes, leaks, or damage on the roof.

The Type Of Pole

There are many types of dance poles. Hence, you need to choose the perfect one for your mobile home. But how to do it?

First, consider the friction fit and screw fit. While the friction-fit poles need tension to keep them in place, you need screws to secure the screw-fit poles.

In a mobile home, friction-fit poles are better because they won’t damage the floor and ceiling. Meanwhile, you will get injured once the foundation cracks because of the screws.

Besides, dance poles can be portable or fixed. While the portable options are convenient, they won’t give you enough stability and safety.

Please note that installing a dance pole on your mobile is already risky in some cases. Hence, we advise installing a fixed dance pole to achieve the highest safety possible.

Weight Capacity Of The Ceiling

Most mobile home ceilings can support 20 to 30 pounds per square foot load.

The exact weight capacity also depends on other factors, such as the ceiling’s condition and your home’s structure.

In addition, after installing the dance pole, you will surely dance on it. Hence, the ceiling has to deal with the pressure of your body weight.

You should first consult an engineer to examine the structure of your mobile home. Hence, determine the weight capacity of the ceiling.

These basic steps will help ensure your safety when dancing on the pole.

Weight capacity of the ceiling

How To Install A Dance Pole In A Mobile Home?

Assuming your mobile home is sturdy and secure enough to install a dance pole. The instructions for this project are as follows:

Determine The Location

Choose a level and solid surface first. Then, check that area’s height and width. You need a comfortable space to swing around the pole while performing your gorgeous moves.

The area should also stay away from any plumbing and electrical systems. Avoid furniture that may distract you from your dance class.

One tip to access the space is to place an object where you intend to set the base. Then, extend your arms while walking around that object.

This position will be suitable for pole dancing if you can move freely.

Choose The Dance Pole

You can choose ceiling-mounted, freestanding, or friction-fit poles. As aforementioned, we recommend the friction fit may be the best choice for your mobile home.

Also, consider your home size, ceiling height, and available space while shopping for the dance pole.

This video will show you more tips for choosing the right dance pole:

Install The Base Plate

If you use a friction-fit pole, you will need to install its base plate. Then, tighten your pole to the ceiling.

While performing this step, ensure that you attach the base plate securely and keep the pole straight.

Secure The Pole

Try to tighten the pole firmly. Each dance pole comes with detailed instructions for how to install it.

So all you have to do is to follow them strictly and contact the customer support team for any problem.

Test The Pole

After securing the dance pole, do not use it immediately. Instead, shake it firmly to ensure you have installed it securely. Then, it won’t fall out when you’re dancing on it.

You can also apply high pressure on the pole’s base, middle, and top. While doing it, you shouldn’t feel any slipping or movement.

Since you constantly put much pressure on it, your pole will loosen over time. Hence, checking your dance pole regularly is crucial, especially before you dance.

If you use a screw-fit dance pole, remember to re-tighten the screws before and after every workout.

If there is any sign of damage or wear, stop using the pole. You should try to repair it. In some cases, you need to replace it to stay safe.

Test the pole

Tips To Avoid Damage When Installing The Pole

One of our biggest concerns when installing the dance pole is the potential damage to our mobile home. So how to minimize the risks?

Do Not Overtighten

Be careful not to overtighten your dance pole since doing so might harm the pole and the ceiling. Instead, just tighten it until it seems stable and safe.

Test The Ceiling Strength

It is advisable to hang heavy items from the ceiling in the targeted position of your dance pole. Then, you can test your strength and sturdiness.

If your ceiling doesn’t look strong enough, choose another location to install the pole. Otherwise, consult an expert to improve the situation.

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Consider Professional Installation

If you are not confident about your mechanical skills, seeking professional help will be a smart move. It costs money, but your safety is more important.


After ensuring the structure is secure and sturdy, you can only install a dance pole in your mobile home. Remember to check the ceiling’s weight capacity too.

After examining your home, find the dance pole that fits it most. Then, follow our guides to install the pole successfully.

If you need any help executing this DIY project, get in touch with us. We are always ready to help you out.

Thank you for reading!

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