Can You Pole Dance If You Are Overweight?

Can You Pole Dance If You Are Overweight

Pole dancing welcomes all men and women to join. However, popular beliefs are that this kind of fitness is unsuitable for plus-sized people because the pole is too thin.

Can you pole dance if you’re overweight? This question has bothered a lot of people. If you belong to this team, our article will help.

In this guide, we will discuss if it’s a good idea for people on the heavy side to pole dance. If yes, you can learn how to get started properly.

Let’s join us to explore!

Can You Pole Dance If You’re Overweight?

The answer is Yes. People of all weights, heights, and body types can engage in pole dancing. It will even help your body to get fitter and lose weight.

The biggest concern of overweight people when they consider pole dancing is if the pole can hold their weight.

Pole stability is also a huge problem, but they won’t matter here.

How much weight can a dance pole hold?

Many people are shy to start pole dancing because they worry about the weight capacity of the pole. However, it shouldn’t annoy you like that.

Poles for dancing can support a lot of weight. Most models can carry loads of up to 250 pounds without any issues.

Therefore, you may safely engage in pole dancing as a kind of fitness even if you are overweight.

Free-standing poles can support up to 350 pounds of weight.

They also feature a substantial base to keep themselves steady without securing the bar to anything at the top.

On the other hand, portable poles can handle up to 600 pounds of weight because they attach to the floor and ceiling securely, giving you a safe solution for pole dancing.

Always confirm the weight capacity of the pole you are using. But generally, you shouldn’t have any trouble using a dancing pole.

Pole stability

People on the heavier side may have concerns about their safety when pole dancing.

Because of their weight, they don’t feel that they can remain stable on the thin pole.

However, once installed correctly, the pole can hold your body. So your problem is about the pole installation.

If you buy a pole to install at home, ensure the metal is at least two inches thick to guarantee that there won’t be any stability problems.

The pole can be significantly more durable while in use if you also utilize a ceiling mount for it to fit into.

Poles can withstand strong movement and a different range of body weights. Hence, do not stress out about a pole carrying your weight as you dance.

Pole stability is important

How To Start Pole Dancing If You’re Overweight?

Overweight people can pole dance. It will be challenging at first, but things get easier if you put effort into every step. These tips can help you start easier.

Get the courage

What do you pole dance for? You will only overcome challenges once you stick with your goals and motivation.

Whenever you want to quit, recall why you start.

Pole dancing has tons of benefits, making it an ideal activity to help you lose weight, get fit, and become the better version of yourself.

Furthermore, if you succeed in pole dancing and have a nice performance, you will become an inspiration for other chubby people.

Roz Mays, a certified personal trainer and pole dance instructor, will inspire you. Please check this video to feel motivated for your classes:

Find the right class

After taking enough courage, find a pole dance class and enroll in it as soon as possible. Both online and offline courses can help.

Look no further if you’re looking for a trainer or training facilities that train people of various body types, including plus-size ones.

Choose the right outfit

It might be tricky to choose your first pole dance attire. A little skin exposure is necessary to have a firm grasp on the pole, even if you don’t want to reveal your skin.

Here are some options you can try:

Sports apparel

The plus-size workout attire is perfect for pole dancing. They come in various styles, sizes, and materials. Moreover, thanks to their durability, you can use them for a long time.


Bustiers are an excellent choice for pole dancing. You can find both bustiers and corsets in larger sizes in this collection.

The designers often highlight fabrics instead of just their appearance.

Get safety gear

Pole dancing courses can result in bruises, which pole dancers also call “pole kisses.” You can better protect yourself with safety equipment like wrist wraps and ankle tanks.

For enhanced gripping support and a lower cruise count, you may also want to carry a grip aid for the classes.

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Benefits Of Pole Dancing For Plus-Size People

Plus-size people can participate in pole dancing for different purposes. But no matter what you do it for, you will gain these benefits:

  • Weight loss: You burn a lot of calories after a class. If you keep it consistent, you can drop some pounds in a short time.
  • Increased strength: Pole dancing is a full-body workout. Lifting and holding your body while dancing will build strength in your muscles effectively.
  • Flexibility: Bending, stretching, and twisting are common moves in pole dancing.
  • Balance: Pole dancing relies on coordination and balance to keep your body stable on the pole.
  • Metal: Your body will release endorphins while exercising, making you feel happy. Moreover, the changes in your body shape and weight after taking some class is good for your self-esteem.

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Pole dancing offers many benefits

How To Find A Plus-Size Pole Dancing Class?

Pole dancing classes for chubby people are numerous in urban areas. So you can easily check for them in your neighborhood.

You may always choose a private class if you don’t feel like enrolling in a group.

The one-by-one instructions will help you follow your own path until you are more comfortable.

Online learning is another choice. You must purchase a pole and install it in your house for online classes.

Also, it would be best to have some prior experience because pole dancing alone can be dangerous for novices.


Plus-size people can engage in pole dancing. It’s your commitment, not your weight, that matters.

Once you are ready, you can choose the classes you want to take and have fun with them.

Hopefully, you will find this guide helpful. For any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading!

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