Can You Pole Dance With Leggings?

Can you pole dance with leggings

Choosing the right outfit is an important part of pole dancing. Some people like to put on leggings for their workout sessions, while others disagree. So can you pole dance with leggings?

You can find a carefully-explained answer in this guide. We will also share more tips to select what to wear for the best of your pole dancing time.

Let’s see what we suggest!

Can You Pole Dance With Leggings?

You can, but it’s not a good idea to do so. Leggings will limit your movements and increase injury risks because they reveal less skin to grip the pole.

Why is wearing leggings unsuitable for pole dancing?

You pole dance while gripping the pole, and your skin is in charge of this task. So, how can you hold onto the pole properly if you wear leggings?

Moreover, most types of fabrics used to make leggings are quite smooth and slippery, giving you more difficulty in staying balanced on the pole. In the worst case, you will fall and get injured.

When can you wear leggings for pole dancing?

It would be best to avoid wearing leggings for your pole dancing practice due to the reasons above. However, you can choose them if:

  • You focus on training your upper body. Your legs don’t practice a lot during those sessions. So it’s fine to wear leggings.
  • You want to protect your legs from bruising after pole dancing hours. Of course, this idea is only true in rare cases. Please note that those slippery pants may cause more injuries if you fail to grip the pole firmly.

Benefits Of Wearing The Right Pole Wear

The easiest method to improve your ability to move freely around the pole is to wear the right pole outfit. In athletics, outfits mean more than just aesthetics.

Before discussing the best clothing to wear for pole dancing, we will show you how beneficial it is to spend time choosing the right apparel.

Choosing the right attire for pole dancing is important

Free movements

Any physical limitation has an effect on how you perform in any sport, especially pole dancing! The perfect pole attire is essential if you want to showcase an extraordinary and attractive technique.

Because pole dancing demands so many grips and stretches, free movements are crucial. When you dress appropriately, you won’t have to be afraid of falling off the pole or being unable to stretch smoothly.


When it comes to sports clothing, functionality is crucial. But regarding pole dancing, how you feel in your outfit is equally as significant.

Pole dancing trains your strength and endurance, but it’s also an entertaining sport. You have to show your sexy confidence and stay strong enough to carry your body. Choosing the right apparel will help you get the best of both worlds.

There are countless options in designs and designs. Thus, pole dancers may wear what makes them feel confident and will thus enjoy every moment they get on the pole.

Reduced risks of injuries

There will be many skin-to-skin contacts during pole dancing. For beginners, you can still wear leggings to avoid bruises and chaffing.

What Should You Wear For Your Pole Dancing Classes?

Leggings are not the best idea for pole dancing clothing. So what should you wear? These ideas will help.


Here are the most appropriate tops to put on for your pole dancing lessons:

Tank tops

Tank tops are terrific because they fit well and are comfortable. You may already have some in your wardrobe.

Sports bras

Sports bras are game-changers for female pole dancers. They give you a sense of security while climbing and spinning on the pole.

Your dance will be 100 times better if you choose the right sports bra. Thanks to this support, you won’t have to worry about your chest area.


Pole dancing doesn’t go well with long pants. When making your first movements on the pole, you should aim for as much grip as possible. It refers to the way your legs grip the pole.

Hence, the shorter the pants, the better. So you can assume that leggings are not ideal for your moves. Instead, jogging shorts and cycling shorts are perfect choices for pole dancing.

Safety gear

Wearing the right clothing is not enough to keep you safe while pole dancing. You need to equip yourself with safety gear too.

Leg and arm warmers

The friction on your skin while gripping the pole will cause pole burns. But if you wear warmers, the risks of those burns will decrease significantly.

Moreover, leg and arm warmers prevent direct contact with your pole, so it won’t hurt you. Without feeling pain, your spins will be much smoother.

Last, those warmers are lightweight and offer lots of breathing space for your skin. You will also love how the elastic fabric fits your size, no matter how big your arm is.

Grip aids

Grip aids prevent falling when you lose your grip on the pole. They make your hands stickier, allowing them to hole on the pole tightly without much effort.

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Grip aids are highly beneficial for pole dancers with sweaty arms and those who perform in humid regions.

In addition to your hands, grip aids can handle other parts, such as legs and arms. Of course, they can’t completely eliminate the risk of falling, and will help keep it minimal.

This video will introduce more pieces of gear you need for your first pole dancing class. Please check to ensure that you are well-prepared:


You can wear leggings for pole dancing to avoid bruises. However, it’s better to opt for other options, such as shorts.

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. If you need more tips for choosing athletic apparel, don’t hesitate to send us a message. We will reply soon.

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