How Does Pole Dancing Change Your Body? 8 Benefits Of Pole Dancing

how does pole dancing change your body

We all know pole dancing has many health and mental benefits, but specifically, how does pole dancing change your body? You will get more advantages than you think when you come to this sport.

Many pole dancers admit they feel more confident and healthy after just a few weeks of starting it. It is because of those outstanding benefits you can see it has been at the forefront in recent years.

So let’s dig deeper and see how pole dancing affects your body. Keep reading to discover!

How Does Pole Dancing Change Your Body?

There are many other mental health benefits besides the muscular changes you can see with the naked eye. You will become healthier and more supple.

But there are many benefits of practicing this sport that you did not know. So let’s dig deeper into this section!

Strengthen Upper Body

Pole dancing needs a lot of upper body strength. It is because you need to keep your body weight while performing various movements on the pole.

These techniques can improve your arms, shoulders, and back muscle strength.

Besides, this sport can help tone the muscles in your upper body. It gives you a firmer and more defined look. Especially for the muscles in the arms and shoulders, you will see its benefits.

Plus, the joints in your body are more flexible for vigorous movements and thus less prone to injury. This benefit is due to the stretching and reaching movements when pole dancing.

Moreover, this sport is the best choice for shoulder and neck problems. It will help reduce pain and prevent injuries related to these two parts.

Increase Core Muscles

You can feel your core muscles ache after undergoing extreme pole dancing workouts. They include the abs, obliques, and lower back muscles.

And all of them work hard while you do pole dancing techniques.

These muscles stabilize your body, support your spine, and facilitate smoother movements. What we mean here is that you are constantly strengthening and toning your core.

Besides, a strong core can help you maintain good posture. This benefit can help you relieve lower back pain and prevent injury.

You may not realize it, but your digestive system works more efficiently when your core muscles get better.

A strong core can improve digestion by promoting better blood flow and helping to move food through your digestive tract.

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Increase Core Muscles

Improve Leg Strength

Using your legs to support your body weight and performing many movements on the pole will use many muscle groups in this area. It can lead to significant improvements in leg strength.

Your lower body will hurt from the first few training days, particularly your calves and buttocks. This fact is because your muscles are growing.

Thus, they are positive signs that you are working out effectively.

After just a few training sessions, you will see your legs become toned. Muscle groups will show up, and you will look sexy.

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Also, regular leg exercise helps to build lean muscle mass and reduce fat in that area.

Besides, you will reduce injuries in the lower body because it is now stronger. You will find it simpler to carry out regular tasks like walking and sprinting.

Even taking the stairs on many floors will not make you tired.

More Flexible Body

As you know, pole dancing includes a lot of movements that require your joints and muscles to move a lot. This process can help improve your overall flexibility.

When pole dancing, you must use your body weight as resistance. Besides, you must regularly perform stretching movements to increase flexibility.

Over time, your joints will become more flexible. For example, when you do “pike” or “straddle,” you must stretch your hip flexors.

Meanwhile, the “backbend” needs you to stretch your back and chest muscles. Regardless of the movement, you can become more flexible after practice.

More Flexible Body

Body Fat Loss

We can tell you that pole dancing has a positive effect on body fat. But we all know that not everyone has the same result when participating in this dance type.

And these impacts rely on a wide range of factors.

First, pole dancing can be an intense workout that burns calories. It is hard to say the exact number, but this sport can burn 250-500 calories per hour.

Burning more calories than you regularly consume is the key to losing body fat. So, incorporating pole dancing into your exercise routine can help burn fat.

But it’s critical to note diet and overall physical activity levels. They play a role in fat levels in the body. You might not see a decrease in body fat if you eat more calories than you burn even if you frequently practice pole dancing.

In addition, as we said, this exercise will help you build muscle. Muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissue.

That means people with more muscle can have a higher metabolism and burn more calories even at rest.

Improve Heart Health

You will feel your heart beat faster every time you pole dance. This phenomenon is because this sport helps increase blood flow throughout the body.

So, search for this kind of exercise if you want to strengthen your heart muscle while enhancing your cardiovascular health.

If you exercise correctly, it also helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Besides, this sport helps your lungs become more efficient in delivering oxygen to the muscles during exercise. This benefit can lead to improvements in overall fitness and heart health.

Also, many people find pole dancing more enjoyable than traditional cardio exercises like running or cycling. Where can you find a sport that is both fun and good for health like this?

Yet, you may find it challenging if you have a pre-existing medical condition or are new to exercise when participating in pole dancing.

In this case, we recommend consulting your doctor or fitness professional before starting. They will let you know if the sport is safe for your needs.

In short, pole dancing can only be effective in improving cardiovascular health if it is done safely and regularly.

Improve Heart Health

Boost Mental Health

First, pole dancing can be a great stress reliever for people who think a lot. This sport can help release endorphins. This natural chemical plays a role in reducing stress and improving your mood.

Also, the physical and mental challenge of pole dancing can help you get rid of the daily stresses.

Moreover, you will have more confidence when participating in this sport and becoming proficient.

Many admit they feel more confident and proud of their bodies after learning the sport. Who doesn’t want to be more beautiful and confident every day?

Besides, pole dancing can connect you with others with similar interests and then build social support.

Many pole dancing studios offer classes and group workshops, which can provide a sense of community and belonging.

In addition, having a social network to support you in your pole dancing practice will help reduce feelings of isolation. And it can improve overall mental health.

Better Endurance

As we said, pole dancing requires both strength and endurance. Over time, as you continue to practice pole dancing, your endurance level may improve.

This benefit can make it easier to perform everyday tasks and other physical activities or sports.

But, you have to be consistent and overload constantly. What we are saying is that you must gradually increase the intensity and duration of your pole dancing exercise over time to continue to improve endurance.

Besides, it is critical to approach pole dancing safely and with the correct technique to avoid injury.

Besides, the impact will be even more positive if you can incorporate high-intensity interval training (HIIT) in pole dancing.

This way, you can challenge your cardiovascular system and improve endurance in a shorter time.

What Does Pole Dancing Do for Your Body Confidence?

You may not know it, but pole dancing positively impacts your body confidence.

First, feeling full can improve body awareness and judgment. You become more attuned to your body and its abilities with pole dancing.

Plus, we mentioned that it helps you feel more confident and proud of your body shape, right? According to our survey, this is true.

No matter what sport you are good at, you will be more confident when facing others.

Besides, it can help challenge and redefine society’s standards of beauty. Many people appreciate pole dancers not because of their standard body but because of their toughness and firmness.

One sensitive benefit that we also want to mention here is sexual confidence. You can embrace and celebrate your sexuality in a safe environment through pole dancing.

This process can lead to you loving your body more.

When Will Your Body Start Taking Shape?

The time it takes to see changes in your body is not like someone else’s. These include initial fitness levels, exercise frequency and intensity, and nutritional habits.

With many people, it can take weeks to months of consistent training before you see changes in your body.

In the early stages of pole dancing, you may mainly notice an improvement in strength and flexibility.

As you progress and start incorporating more advanced moves and routines, you may see the differences in muscle tone and definition, especially in the arms and shoulders.

But changes in body shape are not the only benefits of pole dancing. Pole dancing can also positively affect mental health, body confidence, and overall health, regardless of changes in body shape.

In the end, you must work hard and have specific goals to see these changes.

When Will Your Body Start Taking Shape

How To Prepare Your Body for Pole Dancing?

You must prepare your body well to avoid injury and improve your training performance.

Before starting any pole dancing session, you must warm up your body. You can try light cardio exercises like jumping rope or jogging in place.

Alternatively, you can start with dynamic stretches that focus on the muscles used in pole dancing.

Besides, pole dancing requires both strength and flexibility. So you must incorporate exercises that target these areas.

Some strength exercises can be the best choices for your warm-up times. They are push-ups and squats. They are push-ups and squats.

You should also know that core stability is essential for pole dancing. Thus, exercises like planks and side planks are great for warming up before a workout.

But it is important to work with a qualified instructor. He can guide you in proper technique and form.

Staying hydrated and fed throughout this process is something else you should keep in mind. You can stay hydrated by drinking a lot of water during each pole dancing exercise.

In addition, nutrients are essential during exercise. It can provide the nutrients needed to function at peak performance.

Finally, you have to rest and recover to have the strength for the next workout. Ensure to have days of good rest and sleep to allow your body to recover.

Do You Have to Be Fit to Pole Dance?

You don’t have to be fit to pole dance, as pole dancing can be suitable for different levels and physical abilities. Pole dancing can build strength even if you are starting from a lower fitness level.

As a result, pole dancing classes often accommodate participants of various abilities, from beginners to advanced levels.

If you are new to pole dancing, you must start slowly and work with a qualified instructor. This person can help you make progress safely and effectively.

Also, instructors can offer modified or alternative exercises to suit different fitness levels and abilities. This person also guides proper technique and form.

But we recommend you listen to your body. And you must avoid trying too hard, especially in the beginning. This way will help you avoid unnecessary injuries.


So, how does pole dancing change your body? In short, pole dancing can improve and spice up your life. You will have a fiery body and good health by mastering this sport.

However, you always have to be in top shape when practicing because it takes you a lot of time and effort to master this type of dancing.

Thus, start practicing pole dancing today so you can see your body change every day! To gain more knowledge about this sport, visit our website!

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