How Much Do Pole Dancers Make An Hour? Here’s What You Should Know

How Much Do Pole Dancers Make An Hour

The first image most people have when they think of pole dancing is a woman performing on a pole while wearing skimpy apparel.

In fact, pole dancing is a type of athletic dancing that involves spinning and maneuvers performed while dangling from a pole.

This sport has been popular in several countries throughout Europe, Africa, and Asia for centuries.

Costumes and unusual dance movements are only a small part of pole dancing. Money is one of the industry’s most significant benefits.

It may even offer financial stability for many people and is a simple method to earn a substantial income.

How much do pole dancers make an hour? This article will show you the number.

Also, if you are interested in pole dancing, let’s scroll down to get some tips for entering this industry!

How Much Do Pole Dancers Make An Hour?

A typical pole dancer can make an average of $20 to $35 per hour for a specific performance in the United States.

The amount earned each day depends on the number of working hours pole dancers perform and their hourly wages.

The typical workday for pole dancers lasts between six and eight hours, and they often receive $20/hour on average. It means that they make between $120 and $160 each day. This income excludes tips.

How much money do pole dancers earn annually on average? According to the report on the website, their annual salary is from $44,161 – $65,431.

That’s a general estimate! A pole dancer’s salary depends on several factors, as shown below.

Factors Affecting The Salary Of Pole Dancers

The crucial factors that affect a pole dancer’s earnings are the ones listed below.

Working Experience

If you have more experience in this industry, you can earn more money than novice dancers.

For instance, while inexperienced dancers might make about $50 per hour, expert dancers can get up to $1500 every night.

Pole Dancing Skills

How much money you can make per hour as a pole dancer depends on your dancing skills. Complex spins and tricks bring in more earnings.

Pole dancers should improve their skills and boost their opportunities of landing high-paying audiences by practicing regularly.

Dancer’s Reputation

It would be best if you established your reputation to command decent pay as a professional pole dancer.

The chance that people will pay generously for your performance increases with how well-known your reputation is.

Additionally, you can have a better chance of making a good living via TikTok, YouTube, or Instagram if you have a good reputation.

Type Of Club Or Bar

Clubs with significantly larger audiences may pay their staff more generously than smaller venues.

Moreover, a larger audience increases the chance that the pole dancers will earn more tips.

Any earnings you make while working are yours to pocket if you run your club.

Private clubs pay their dancers considerably more than franchised or public bars.

Type Of Club Or Bar


Rates will vary depending on the city. For instance, if you perform pole dancing in Florida, you may only earn about $16 per hour, meaning your annual salary is around $41,487.

However, if you work in a big city with more significant potential customers, such as Las Vegas, you can make much more money.

It’s not uncommon to make up to $1,000 in a single night of pole dancing, depending on your skill, the venue, and the audience.

Nevertheless, you still need to work and perform a lot to earn income. But generally, it’s possible to get $300 per night in big cities.

Promotional Events

Dancers can earn more money by taking part in promotional activities. You may improve your profile by participating in competitions and special appearances.

Number Of Hours

Dancers’ pay depends on how many hours they put in during a shift. Those who work fewer hours will inevitably earn less.

Thus, it’s also up to individuals to choose whether or not they prefer to put in more hours of labor to make more money.


The busiest period of the year for pole dancers, strange as it sounds, is during wedding season. It occurs during the spring and summer.

When pole dancers perform for bachelorette or bachelor parties, their earnings might rise significantly.

Stripper Or Not

The primary source of revenue variation for exotic dancers is stripping. However, it’s important to note that stripping is entirely optional.

In other words, you shouldn’t make yourself strip off if you don’t want to, and you shouldn’t succumb to peer pressure either.

While all-nude night clubs also exist, stripping is the act of pole dancing with a few pieces of clothing removed (often the top).

One-on-one or lap dance sessions are part of the dance’s increased sensual attractiveness and intimacy.

Typically, strip bars have a rule of “No Touching,” which prohibits customers from ever touching the pole dancers.

If anyone touches the strippers, bouncers will quickly eject them from the club, regardless of how much they pay for the performance.

Contrary to popular misconception, strip clubs aren’t houses of ill repute and follow wholly different regulations.

Because they risk being held accountable for assaults, clubs do everything they can to prevent inappropriate touching.

How To Make Money As A Pole Dancer?

Besides performing in clubs or bars, pole dancers can earn extra money in the following ways:

Offer Lessons

It’s a good idea to host private pole dancing lessons or open studios. This way, you don’t have to share the profits with others, increasing your overall income.

Moreover, you will have the opportunity to advertise yourself, which is an excellent way to establish your reputation.

The Internet allows teaching a lesson entirely online without ever leaving your house.

In that instance, electricity, Internet connectivity, and perhaps a few marketing are the expenses of running your enterprise.

However, if you decide to take things a step further, you may either utilize your house or rent a studio to serve as a classroom.

If you host a modest class size of 10 with $12-18$/session, you may quickly generate income of $1,440 per month.

Become A Pole Dancing Coach

A coach in a private studio often works under a contract. It is frequently far more profitable than working as a freelance teacher.

You must enroll and complete a dancing instructor training at an approved dance studio.

A pole dancing coach gets about the same money as a dancer, around $20 per hour and $40,970 per year).

Run A Studio

If you are experienced and want to share your passion with others, hosting a studio is a good idea.

You may spend a lot of money on your business, but it will be a long-term investment.

Before opening your dancing studio, ensure you prepare the following things:

  • Insurance for general liability
  • Register your enterprise
  • Apply for Public Performance Licence
  • Create a document related to the assessment of safety and health

Build Website

With the advancement of the Internet, pole dancing has become increasingly popular.

Besides being a coach, pole dancers may publicize their shows online and build their reputations.

This way, you can earn extra money through sponsorships and advertisements on your website.

Building a website is among the most common side jobs of pole dancers. It’s simple and free to establish your online studio while you can gain earnings.

Create A Channel On Youtube

Setting up a channel on Youtube is an excellent way to share your experience, establish your reputation, and make money.

It’s a method of marketing yourself and attracting potential customers.

Become An Affiliate

Using your website and social media networks to promote pole dancing-related goods and services is known as affiliate marketing.

There are several affiliate schemes from which you may choose, and the commission payments range from 15% – 75%.

Despite being profitable, this side job requires a significant audience to succeed.

You will increase your revenue by encouraging more consumers to purchase the services or products you promote.

Become An Affiliate

Write Books

You may publish books on Amazon and deliver them straight to reading-book devices like Kindle.

If you want to share your story, experience, or tips with people with the same interest in pole dancing, you can write ebooks.

Create Podcasts

The popularity of podcasts is increasing. Individuals may want to listen to a podcast on their drive to the workplace or while cleaning the house.

You can attempt podcasting if you believe you possess a natural talent for conversation and can conjure up a compelling tale.

Additionally, Spotify, YouTube, and iTunes make it relatively simple to produce your podcasts.

You may start approaching sponsors and advertising for a space on your podcasts if you’ve built up a constant stream of loyal listeners.

Learning to start a podcast, including audio editing, creating accounts, and other tasks, might be challenging, but it may eventually be worthwhile.

Sell Costumes

Are you interested in pole dancing but don’t want to work as a coach? If that’s the case, selling costumes and earning extra money is a good idea.

Pole dancing demands clothing that is figure-hugging, elastic, sturdy, glamorous, and eye-catching for performances to allow for the maximum amount of flexibility of movement.

If you enjoy sewing, you might try to produce these outfits, test them out on other dancers, and then offer them to larger markets.

Create an Etsy store and promote your clothing on Facebook and Instagram as an excellent method to marketing your costumes.


How Much Does A Pole Dancer Make A Year? says the average annual salary of pole dancers is around $140,802. This number may range from $121,785 to $161,821.

Various factors affect these dancers’ income annually, such as locations, dancing skills, reputation, or type of clubs/bars.

How Much Does A Pole Dance Instructor Make?

According to the website, pole dancing coaches can earn between $40 and $50 per hour.

If you are a beginner instructor, you may get from $15 to $20/hour for a couple of years.

On the other hand, the average salary of experienced instructors can be up to $50 to $70 an hour.

Can Men Make Money Pole Dancing?

The short answer is yes! Many people are interested in this activity, including men. Also, many guys work as instructors to earn money in this industry.

There are several make pole dancers and coaches around the world, such as:

  • Peter Holoda
  • Magnus Labbe
  • Daniel Rosen
  • Evgeny Greshilov
  • Kehong
  • Slava Ruza
  • Quan Bui
  • Dimitry Politov

Can You Get Paid To Be A Pole Dancer?

The good news is yes! If you are passionate about this activity, you can work as a pole dancer.

The average salary for these dances is about $20 an hour. You can earn more with various factors such as skills, experience, or locations.

Is Pole Dancing A Profession?

The short answer is yes. Contrary to popular belief, pole dancing is not a hobby; you can pursue it and work as a pole dancer.

After you gain the experience and skills required for this activity, you can work as a coach or build a website or YouTube channel to earn more money.

How Long Does It Take To Become A Good Pole Dancer?

You may need about four weeks to learn and master pole dancing. Ensure you study with an instructor, learn the basics, and practice regularly.

If you are a beginner, this video may be helpful for you. Let’s watch it!

In A Nutshell

Notwithstanding its stigma, pole dancing is a lucrative and entirely acceptable career in the recreation industry.

How much do pole dancers make an hour? They can earn from $20 to $35 per hour. However, some may earn more or less, depending on various factors, like experience, skills, reputation, type of club, or performing hours.

Besides, if you don’t want to become a pole dancer, you can consider ways to make extra money, such as being a coach, building websites, running a studio, or selling costumes.

Hopefully, this post will be helpful for you. Thanks for reading!

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