How Old Do You Have To Be To Pole Dance? You Might Be Surprised!

How old do you have to be to pole dance

Pole dancing is a fun and energetic activity to entertain yourself in your free time and improve your physical state.

Besides tremendous mental benefits, pole dancing is a lucrative profession with a lot of potential for development.

However, not everyone can be a pole dancer. There are some limits for pole dancing class attendants, especially the age limit.

So, how old do you have to be to pole dance? I will give you an in-depth answer in this post.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Pole Dance?

In general, you can attend a pole dancing class if you are eighteen years old or older.

However, the age limit and regulations may vary depending on the instructor and fitness studio you attend.

Most fitness studios that feature pole dancing classes have an age limit of eighteen for attendants.

However, learners 13 years old or older can still attend a “pole fitness” class with the permission of their parents.

Pole dancing is regarded as a “sexy workout,” and it aims toward mature women and adults.

It’s understandable that children and adolescents under the age of 18 are not appropriate to join pole dancing classes.

In some cases, the studios may require a minimum age limit of 21.

In the following sections, I will discuss the aspects of the age regulations relating to pole dancing classes in more detail.


Pole dancing features the traits of sexy fitness performance. Therefore, most fitness institutions and instructors don’t want to allow learners below 18 to attend their classes.

Some studios don’t even allow 18-year-old learners as their age limit is 21.

There’s hardly any exception since the learners will feel uncomfortable learning with an underage classmate.

If you really want to learn pole dancing but haven’t met the age limit, there are still some pole fitness classes with more appropriate content and curriculums.

However, you should be 13 or older to attend these classes.


It’s not only against the regulations but also unsafe for learners below 18 to attend a pole dancing class.

Their bodies and physical conditions are not mature enough to perform the pole dancing techniques in these classes.

The strenuous activities and intense movements of pole dancing may have negative effects on the development of their body and the natural formation of skeletal.


Besides the risks relating to safety and appropriateness, many pole dancing institutions and instructors don’t want to violate legal laws when permitting underaged learners in their classes.

The main reason is that enrolling under-18-year-old attendants in their class is not covered by the insurance.

If an underaged learner gets injured, the institution can cover and take responsibility for their injury.

Class Description

There are still some rare instances that allow students under 18 to participate in pole dancing classes.

Nevertheless, you should check the class description and requirements carefully before enrolling.

This description will inform you clearly about the regulations, requirements, and the material taught in its curriculum.

You will easily find the age requirement in this description.

If you can’t find clear information about the age requirement, don’t hesitate to contact the institution via phone or email.

It’s also critical to check the class’ reputation and reliability before you decide.

Pole Dance Classes Available For Different Age Groups

The 18-year-old age limit is applicable for professional and official institutions teaching pole dance.

There are many other classes, such as pole fitness, that aim at people of younger ages.

The key is to find a class that suits your age and physical condition.

You can find many friends and instructors with similar backgrounds and ages to learn more effectively.

pole fitness class

Who Can Join A Pole Dance Class?

Besides the age limit, there are multiple regulations and requirements you should meet to join a pole dance class.

Some institutions will consider the attendants’ backgrounds and certifications carefully before deciding.

If you have any health problems that prevent you from pole dancing, it’s impossible to join a pole dance class.

However, there are always opportunities for people with different issues, and you should be perseverant.

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How About Private Or Home Pole Dance Classes?

Some instructors can teach younger people to pole dance at home.

However, you should seek reliable and professional instructors with legal certification.

There are also instruction videos relating to pole dancing on the Internet.

They will give you valuable tips and knowledge about pole dance, but it requires tremendous practice to master your craft.

Another ideal option is the online pole dancing courses from reputable institutions and instructors.

They are suitable for people of many ages, limits, body conditions, and age groups.


Who Is The Youngest Pole Dancer?

Kayne Michael Benford is the global youngest pole dancer who joins his mother in a performance at the age of two.

Meanwhile, there are some pole dancers that can perform complicated techniques at 8 years old.

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Can A 13-Year-Old Pole Dance?

Yes, a 13-year-old student can enroll in a pole fitness class.

However, the materials taught in these classes are a bit different from traditional pole dancing.

Can I Learn Pole Dancing At 15?

You cannot join professional pole dancing classes that require a minimum age of 18.

There are some other options to consider, like private learning or pole fitness courses.

Is Pole Dancing Hard To Learn?

The basic techniques and movements of pole dancing are not difficult, but they still require frequent practice to master.

However, the hardness of the skills will increase when you move to the advanced level.

Final Thoughts

In summary, you should be at least 18 years old or older to join a pole dancing class.

If you have not passed the age limit, consider practicing pole dancing at home and wait until you are officially eligible.

However, you should not pole dance if your body conditions are not ready for this practice.

In addition, it’s critical to check the class’s requirements and descriptions for detailed information about its age limit and regulations.

I hope that you are satisfied with the answer provided in this post.

Thank you for reading!

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