How To Become A Pole Dance Teacher?

How to become a pole dance teacher

Pole dancing has become much more popular nowadays. It’s no longer a leisure or entertaining activity, but a profession that can earn you huge money.

In addition, this activity also brings tremendous health benefits and fun.

Therefore, many young people with physical gifts and beautiful body shapes have grown interested in pole dancing.

If you plan to join this profession, this post will instruct you on how to become a pole dance teacher.

I will introduce every aspect of pole dance teaching, including the salary, skills, knowledge, qualifications, and working environment.

So, let’s jump straight in to avoid wasting your time!

How To Become A Pole Dance Teacher?

Similar to the other profession, a pole dancer needs to obtain certain certifications to work as a pole fitness teacher.

After you have obtained the certification, you can enroll to work in many classes or fitness institutions.

A pole fitness instructor can also do private tutoring or open his own pole dancing classes at home.

There are multiple ways a pole dance teacher can make money, but the certification is a must-have.

In addition, a pole dance teacher has to prove his ability and knowledge to acquire good positions with high salaries.

There are numerous tests and auditions you have to take to join a fitness center.

In the sections below, I will instruct you on the detailed steps and requirements for becoming a pole dancing teacher.

Keep reading to find out!


Certifications and credit are essential things a pole fitness teacher must acquire.

Before enrolling for a teaching position and joining the industry, you have to prepare the money and knowledge to seek certification.

There are three popular types of pole fitness courses for teachers, available for the entry, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Depending on your current skills, capacity, and knowledge, choose a path that suits your conditions.

You can consult a professional instructor to conduct a test and give you advice on which course to take.

These courses are available at the fitness center or pole studios, starting from around $500 to $1000.

However, you will need to learn a lot more things and take more advanced courses to qualify for certification.

All of those materials added up could cost up to $2000 to $3000.

The “master” course designed for professional pole dance teachers features a stunning price of $5000.

Therefore, you should make up your mind and prepare well for the financial responsibilities ahead.

The exact cost and prices will vary depending on the region and the types of lessons you take.

However, learning the knowledge and qualifying for certification in pole dancing teaching is undoubtedly not cheap.

You’ll need to pay thousands of dollars and spend months to years before meeting the conditions for certification.

There is no way back, and you must stick to your path until the end.

Join Training And Instruction Classes

Here are some popular courses and detailed descriptions to help you choose a pole dance course more easily.

Always consider your financial capacity and current conditions before deciding on the most suitable course.

Join Training And Instruction Classes

Beginners Course

Every pole fitness teacher starts with the beginner course on becoming a professional instructor.

Before enrolling in higher levels, you must pass this course and prove your capacity.

However, you can still teach entry-level pole dancing classes after completing this beginner course.

It involves the foundational knowledge and materials relating to pole dancing.

Some basic skills like pole climbs, transitions, spins, and floor work are all covered in this course.

Signing up for the beginner course is compulsory if you haven’t pole danced or gotten any experience at all.

Intermediate Course

The intermediate course will walk you into more advanced skills covered in the beginner course.

Typically, you can sign up for this course after a few months of practice and accumulating knowledge from the beginner course.

Similar to the entry-level course, you can teach intermediate classes after passing this level.

After passing, you would have mastered fast transitioning, hard holds, and inversion skills.

However, an intermediate course will involve more theory and knowledge rather than practice.

It will also train the learners to assess the skills and techniques performed by the other pole dancer.

Advanced Course

The advanced course is the final challenge you have to complete before qualifying for a professional career in pole dancing.

After finishing this course, you can enroll for any teaching position in fitness centers.

At this moment, your skills and knowledge are advanced enough to instruct the other pole dancers from beginner to advanced levels.

However, finishing an advanced course takes work since it features tough skills and knowledge.

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Certification doesn’t guarantee a position in pole fitness teaching centers and institutions.

You have to pass their auditions and prove your capacity before officially working as a pole instructor.

Since pole dancing has only become popular in big cities, you should move to these areas to seek an ideal working environment.

To enroll for a position, you first need to prepare your CV.

In the CV, remember to include all the information about yourself relating to the pole fitness field, such as your age, physical condition, body size, certifications, and previous working experience.

After perfecting your CV, send it to all the pole fitness centers available in the region.

I advise you to circulate your CV to the other big cities to seek the best working opportunities.

Another option is to seek pole dancing studios and centers offering teaching positions.

Of course, you should prioritize the places with the ideal working conditions and the highest salaries, if possible.

Then, the rest of the work is finishing the audition. It’s time to showcase everything you have practiced in the previous months and years.

If you perform excellently, the chance of getting a teaching job is very high.

Start Teaching Pole Classes

Most pole dancing teachers won’t get hired at their first audition or enrollment, and you should not be disappointed in failing.

If you are capable and committed, the opportunity will eventually come.

After finding your position and starting to work officially, you must learn and follow the materials or contents designed carefully.

Also, pay attention to the center and working place’s regulations that do not violate the laws.

Before joining your class, you should spend at least one hour rehearsing all the content and skills you’re going to teach.

Ensure that you can deliver the lesson fluently like an experienced teacher.

A regular pole dancing teacher will teach two to four daily classes, which take around 5 to 6 hours.

The work is not arduous, but it may get very intense for the inexperienced teacher.

Regardless of how fatigued you feel, always pay attention to the students and put on a big smile.

Be friendly, humble, and willing to devote your best to the classes.

Only when you earn the students’ love and respect can your career flourish.

You need to create more joy and enjoyment for students and motivate them to learn pole dancing.

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How Much Do Pole Dance Teachers Make?

How Much Do Pole Dance Teachers Make

In the UK, an experienced pole dancing teacher working in London has an hourly wage of 15 pounds.

The salary may increase or decrease significantly, depending on the class size and the school’s reputation.

For example, teachers working in large cities with a higher number of learners can earn between 15 to 20 pounds per hour.

However, the salary is significantly lower if you teach in less populated areas.

The more qualifications, credit, and experience you have, the higher salary you will earn.

A higher salary equals more working duties and responsibilities, requiring more time and experience from the teachers.

However, there are multiple ways you can earn much more than a fixed salary.

Try designing online classes or doing extra tutoring classes at home in your free time to earn more money and credit.

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Benefits Of Working As A Pole Dance Teacher?

The most obvious benefit is the decent to high salaries you can earn working as a pole dance teacher.

The money earned is sufficient to increase your life welling beings and pursue personal hobbies or needs.

Meanwhile, teaching pole dancing can help you accumulate more knowledge and experience in the field.

Teaching others to perform the right techniques is one of the most efficient ways to increase your ability.

Teaching pole dancing is a way of self-teaching.

It’s a chance to practice and master your skills, allowing the teachers to follow their interests while earning enough money to support life.

Pole dancing class helps the teacher socialize and meet new friends.

You can find more friends and students sharing the same interest, thus enriching your life’s relationships and mental health.

Last but not least, teaching pole dancing will increase your physical and mental health.

The constant movements and activities involved in pole dancing class will strengthen your stamina, muscle strength, and flexibility.

This activity will give you more fun and happiness in life. There’s nothing better than fulfilling our interests and passions by teaching them to other people.

It’s a sense of accomplishment that gives you tremendous pride and happiness.

These benefits will keep motivating and pushing you forward on the road to becoming an excellent pole dance teacher.

Advice For Future Pole Dance Teachers

The only way to become a capable pole dance teacher is to practice. Keep practicing the skills while accumulating the necessary skills relentlessly for years, and your skill will gradually increase.

Always remember that the process may take months or even years before you can master pole dancing skills.

The beginning days are the more arduous since your body has to adapt to new movements and intense stretches.

It’s so hard that beginners get cold feet and can easily give up on the first few days.

Therefore, set up your mind and keep up with the training sessions no matter how tired you feel.

In addition, you must know your body’s limits and physical conditions well to avoid unwanted injuries and accidents in the practicing process.

Trying to perform complex techniques when your body isn’t ready is very dangerous.

Also, be humble and keep an open mind. You must be willing to take advice and instruction from the better pole dancer to grow in this profession.

Don’t hesitate to make new friends and find yourself a good mentor.

Lastly, frequency and consistency are the keys. It would help if you kept up with the practice schedule and never skipped a training session.

It will keep you determined and focused on your path.

What To Avoid As A Pole Dance Teacher?

As a pole dance teacher, you must set an example for the other learner. Always protect your body shape and keep fit to earn more respect from the other learner.

No one wants to learn or listen to a sluggish teacher. You should not overeat or consume unhealthy food that will increase your body weight.

Also, don’t be unprofessional while teaching in your class.

Don’t use your phone or do your personal things in class.

You must focus on your responsibility, which is taking care of the other learners and instructing them to perform the right techniques.

Although it may sound subtle, don’t show off your skills too much.

It’s good to set an example for the learners, but they need proper guidance and instruction, not someone showing off his skills in class.

Also, don’t come to a pole dance class unprepared. You must plan out the materials and learning sessions carefully.

Unpreparation will show your unprofessional attitude and lack of commitment to the classes.

Keep A Good Shape Through Exercise


Here is some additional information that will assist you on your path to becoming a pole dance instructor. Keep reading the sections below to find out!

Is Pole Dancing A Profession?

Yes, pole dancing is a profession with a higher popularity than you think.

It combines acrobatics and dancing movements around a central, vertical pole in front of many viewers.

A pole dancer can earn a fair amount of money and even a reputation if he is excellent at his job.

There are also numerous pole dancing competitions for both professional and amateur pole dancers around the world.

Can You Get Paid To Be A Pole Dancer?

Yes, there are multiple ways a pole dancer can earn money, whether you are an amateur or professional.

Apart from the dancing sites and clubs, pole dancers can also earn money through pole dancing competitions.

An excellent pole dancer can earn between $44,161 to more than $60000, depending on the region and working environment.

If you have a good reputation in the Media, the money earned can increase much higher.

Is Pole Fitness Healthy?

Yes, pole fitness involves intense and continuous body movements, which is better than any physical activity you can think of.

It will increase your body’s stamina, flexibility, and muscle strength simultaneously.

In addition, pole fitness has multiple positive impacts on the performer’s mental health.

It will help your mind relax and reduce stress after a hard day. Therefore, pole dancing is a healthy activity that should not be overlooked.

How Long Does It Take To Become A Good Pole Dancer?

A good pole dancer should practice intensely and consistently for a long period to gradually master the skills and techniques.

It’s like learning a foreign language or riding a car, which cannot take days or months to master.

According to my experience, you can become a good pole dancer after six months to one year, depending on your practice schedule.

Around 2 or 3 learning sessions per week are ideal for progress.

Can Pole Dancing Be Self-Taught?

Yes, you can practice pole dancing at home via online learning courses and videos on social media.

You can also hire a private pole dancing teacher to instruct you on the right techniques and skills at home.

However, joining pole dancing classes and fitness institutions is still a better option.

You can find many friends sharing the same interest and gain more joy in the learning process.

Final Thoughts

Pole dancing is not hard to learn, but it requires a disciplined attitude and perseverance in training.

Pole dancing is only a wise choice if you are willing to devote hundreds of hours to mastering the techniques and movements.

A good pole dancer should possess some physical gifts and superiority to excel in his profession.

Talent and discipline is the key to becoming an excellent pole dance teacher and earning a lot of money.

So, I hope that the information provided can give you more insights into how to become a pole dance teacher.

Ensure that you are passionate about this path and stick to your chosen path. I wish you good luck and a blessed day.

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