How To Open A Pole Dance Studio?

how to open a pole dance studio

If you are scouring the internet for how to open a pole dance studio, you can find the answer in this post because we have everything you need.

From doing market research to purchasing equipment, we will help you list what you need.

We can confidently say that starting a pole dance studio is a relatively simple process. All you need is to follow the eight steps below. Keep scrolling to discover how to begin!

How To Open A Pole Dance Studio?

To get started, we’ll walk you through these simple steps right below!

Step 1: Do Market Research

If you want to open a pole dance studio, it is critical to conduct market research to ensure that your business will be successful.

Market research involves gathering and analyzing information about the target market. Besides, you must identify competitors and general industry trends.

To do this, you must answer these questions in detail:

  • Are they women, men, or both?
  • Are they fitness lovers, dancers, or beginners?

Also, you must know about other studios in your area. You must know what they offer, their price, and their marketing plan to have a reasonable competitive strategy.

You need to set yourself apart from them to entice customers to come to you.

Besides, you must stay updated with the latest trends and innovations in the pole dancing industry.

This step will help you identify potential gaps in the market and offer new and exciting services that can attract more customers.

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Step 2: Make A Business Plan

Once you have the market research to open a pole dance studio, the next important step is to make a business plan.

First, you must have an overview of your pole dance studio. Specifically, you must have clear business goals and strategies. It should also include a summary of your financial projections.

When you take this step, you already determine what courses and services you will have.

Besides the product, human resource is an essential factor in this step. Your plan must cover the costs of running the pole dance studio. It involves the cost of facilities and personnel.

Make A Business Plan

Step 3: Scope Out A Location

You want your pole dance studio to be easily seen by potential customers, so consider a high-traffic location.

Besides, the space’s size is critical when opening a pole dance studio. You will need enough room to install columns and other equipment.

It must also provide enough space for your customers to move around.

We recommend 1,000-1,500 square feet are usually enough for a small pole dance studio.

Also, you must find a space with good lighting, secure doors, windows, and a parking area. No customer likes a dark and insecure place.

We also recommend choosing a place with ample parking. If you can’t find such a place, look into ones near parking spots.

Step 4: Obtain A Business License

If you do not have this document, you are doing business illegally. Thus, you must not forget this step.

You must note that each state and local government has different rules regarding business licensing.

Thus, research the specific needs in your area. These include any permits needed to operate a dance studio.

Then you have to define your business structure. Your business structure will affect the type of license you need to apply for.

Since this step involves a lot of legal issues, we recommend you seek help from experienced people to avoid making unnecessary mistakes.

We remind you that there may be fees for getting a business license. Be sure to budget for these costs when preparing your financial plan.

Step 5: Get A Music License

You can’t play any song you like in your pole dance studio because it’s likely to be copyrighted. Therefore, you need a music license.

Music license types depend on how you plan to use the music. For example, you need a performance license if you plan to use music in your pole dancing classes.

Meanwhile, you’ll need a digital performance license to stream music online.

To obtain this permit, you can contact ASCAP or BMI. They are the organizations that provide this type of license.

Just like a business license, it will need you to pay a fee. Thus, prepare a sum of money.

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Get A Music License

Step 6: Purchase Pole Studio Insurance

Buying insurance is a critical step when opening a pole dance studio. Pole dancing involves a high level of physical activity and carries certain risks.

So, buying insurance can protect you and your business from an accident, injury, or property damage.

Find insurance providers that specialize in gym or dance coverage. They understand the risks of pole dancing and provide the information you need.

As your business grows and changes, your insurance needs may also change. Thus, you must review your policy regularly to have the right coverage.

Step 7: Sign A Lease

Once you’ve found a suitable space, deal rental terms with the landlord or property owner. These terms may include the length of the lease, rent payments, security deposits, and any extra fees.

You must also pay attention to any terms relating to its maintenance, repair, or change. In this step, we recommend you consider legal advice from a lawyer who specializes in commercial leases.

They can help you understand the legal implications of a lease and protect your interests.

Step 8: Buying Equipment

The final step in opening a pole dance studio is buying equipment. This step involves getting all the necessary equipment to run your business.

They include columns, mirrors, mats, and any other equipment needed for your studio.

You have to look for reputable pole dancing equipment suppliers. To do this, you must consider factors such as price, quality, and customer reviews when choosing a supplier.

We recommend getting quotes from several suppliers and comparing prices. If you’re on a tight budget, you can find ways to save money, such as buying used equipment or buying it in bulk.

How Much Money Can A Pole Studio Make?

The popularity of the pole dance studio today makes many people think that this is a potential industry to bring in high revenue. So how much money can a pole studio make?

The amount that they can earn depends on many different factors. These may include the studio’s location, pricing strategy, the number of classes offered, and the size of the client base.

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If you open a pole dance studio in a densely populated area with high traffic, you will have a better chance of getting more revenue. But in return, the cost to maintain the facilities is higher.

Meanwhile, studios in less crowded areas can still be successful if they offer high-quality classes and have a dedicated customer base.

Also, the pricing strategy the studio uses can affect its revenue. If you offer discounted packages for multiple classes, that can encourage customers to attend more often.

This approach will be able to boost revenue for your studio.

Besides, the number of classes can also involve revenue. Thus, you should offer different ticket classes at various times that can attract more customers.

According to industry data, a successful pole dance studio can generate $10,000 to $20,000 in revenue per month.

Yet, this can be different based on the factors mentioned above. Some successful pole dance studios have reported over $100,000 in revenue per month.

Meanwhile, less successful studios can generate only a few thousand dollars.


That’s how to open a pole dance studio! This process can be an exciting and rewarding endeavor for those passionate about fitness and dance.

If you work your way through each step presented in this guide slowly, you’ll find the process to be relatively easy and painless.

It’s important to remember that every pole dance studio is unique, and the success of your studio will depend on various factors.

So, we hope that you will succeed!

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