How To Pole Dance In Heels?

How to pole dance in heels

Contrary to popular belief, pole dancing is suitable for women and men of all ages and backgrounds. It’s sexy and athletic.

However, if you are a novice beginner, it may be relatively challenging to master this sport. Learning many techniques and tips to dance on the pole will be best.

Also, you need to have the right clothes and other gear. You may wonder why dancers wear high heels for training and performance.

While it’s possible to pole dance with bare feet, you will look sexier with heels while doing movements. How to pole dance in heels?

This article will show you tricks to hone your dancing skills when wearing heels.

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How To Pole Dance In Heels?

Wearing heels while dancing on the pole will bring a new level to your dancing techniques and maneuvers.

You gain numerous benefits besides looking sexier in heels. You look more stylish because heels make your legs look slimmer and longer.

Moreover, they can improve your posture and balance, which makes you feel more confident while performing tricky techniques.

Wait no longer! Here are practical tips to improve your dancing skills in heels. Let’s take a closer look!

Start Pole Dancing With Low Heels

Although high heels make you look sexy while dancing on the pole, starting with heels of 7 inches or more is not a good idea.

Instead of 7-inch high heels, you should get a pair of lower height. It’s advisable to start with the one that makes you comfortable while moving.

Most beginners begin this sport with bare feet, so dancing with higher and bigger heels may cause you to land down into undesirable postures.

Instead of taking the chance of hurting yourself, choose a lower pair and diligently practice the maneuvers until you can perform them at a safe height.

Once familiar with high heels, you can increase the height by a few inches.

Use Ankle Straps

Your legs will be heavier when you dance in high heels. Thus, working harder than usual with bare feet would be best.

It would be best if you considered buying heels with straps back of the heel or around the ankle. This way, they can support your weight and prevent ankle injuries.

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Moreover, shoes with ankle straps can keep your footwear in place while you invert or spin.

It’s worth noting that you must purchase heels with straps fit and are comfortable for your feet to protect your feet and ankles.

Walk First

Practice some fundamental skills first before jumping into a complicated inverted combination.

When wearing such high heels, you’ll notice that people tend to stare at the floor to avoid falling.

Is it your first time dancing on the pole in heels? It’s better to walk around before trying challenging techniques.

Before performing with your newfound height and slim appearance, you must practice walking with assurance while wearing heels.

If you’ve never pole danced in heels, it’s an excellent opportunity to hone your floor technique since it also looks gorgeous!

How do you walk around in heels? Try the below-mentioned tips!

Your body must be aligned in one direction. Ensure your head is lined with shoulders while the latter and hips should be in alignment. Besides, your feet should align with the hips.

You can walk while holding any sturdy objects, such as a chair or pole, which helps you move around much more easily.

Step firmly and try to move your hips. By adjusting your hips, you may place all of your weight on the front foot.

Keeping your legs up and not dragging them on the floor while you walk is essential.

Furthermore, it would help to control your body movements to look more attractive constantly.

When you feel safer and more comfortable enough to move independently, walk straight while keeping your posture upright.

Don’t rush yourself. Instead, practice walking slowly and regularly and increase your speed gradually.

Walk first

Watch Your Posture While Walking In Heels

Dancers must keep their posture in tip-top shape all the time. The way you move while dancing conveys your elegance.

Therefore, while walking with high heels, do your best to keep your posture and balance in control.

You may begin practicing your dancing maneuvers if you’re confident enough to move in high heels without affecting your natural gait.

Strengthen The Ankles

Ankle joints support your body the most in the musculoskeletal system. When you pole dance without twisting, your feet suffer your body weight.

If your ankles are weak, you may risk hurting yourself while performing maneuvers like landing or spinning.

For this reason, you must strengthen your ankles. Below are some workouts to help you gain ankle strength.

Towel stretch

This exercise aids in simultaneously stretching the muscles in your lower legs and ankles. Apply the following guides to do this workout:

  • Sit on the ground.
  • Ensure your legs are straight.
  • Place a towel on the top of your foot while holding the end of the towel with both hands.
  • Bring your toes back towards your torso by gently pulling the towel.
  • Spend roughly 30 seconds in this posture before releasing for the same time.
  • Repeat three times or more.
  • Do the same steps with your rest foot.

Calf raise

You can also try this exercise to improve your ankle and leg strength. Here are the steps:

  • Step forward and balance yourself on edge. You may utilize any high platform.
  • Although your heels should dangle off your back and float in the air, the feet should be placed on the floor.
  • Lift your body and raise your heels upwards and push your toes.
  • Let your heels revert to their initial position.
  • Let the heels fall back then to their original position.

Towel curls

It is another workout to enhance the muscle groups in your ankles. Follow the guides below:

  • Find a stool and sit on it.
  • Put your feet down while ensuring they are flat.
  • Prepare a towel. Place it under your feet.
  • Curl your toes and lift the towel above the floor to create a grip.
  • You can release it after holding it for a little while.

Try Pole Dance Moves With Platform Heels

It’s best to start dancing in heels on a platform. If you are a beginner, the following guides will be helpful:

Spin chair

It is among the most fundamental moves when pole dancing while wearing heels. One arm swings around a pole while the other holds it under chest height.

As soon as you spin, your feet separate from the ground, and your legs join together to resemble sitting on a chair.

Front & backward frog

This movement gives the posture a frog-like appearance. Take hold of the pole with both hands.

Swing around and forward it. Use your leg to grab your pole. Repeat with the resting leg.

How Often Do You Pole Dance In Heels?

Beginners should feel the pole and start dancing barefoot, improving their confidence.

After getting familiar with this sport, you can practice in heels regularly, twice a week, or more.

When you do spinning movements or perform unsupported floorwork, it’s better to wear heels.

After a couple of months of regular sessions, you can consider increasing the number of hours if you like.

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How To Choose Heels For Pole Dancing?

If you are looking for heels for pole dancing, consider the following key elements to get a suitable pair.


brands heels

It would help if you bought heels from famous brands. These big names often provide decent products and good service.

Pleaser is the most commonly used and well-liked brand. Their heels have outstanding features that attract dancers in the studio and the club.

You can also consider the Ellie brand. They make a breakthrough in this sport.

These trustworthy manufacturers provide top-quality products which offer you various options.

Dancers who spend long periods on their feet will benefit from the shock-absorbing properties of these shoes, which also cushion joints.

Besides adding height to help your legs look slimmer and longer, they provide the ideal balance for fluid dancing movements and powerful techniques.


Street shoes and dance heels may have slightly different sizes. You may find it challenging to feel comfortable in your actual size because a decent fit may be snug or tight.

Put on your heels usually and test them by placing your foot’s arch against the heel’s arch.

Your foot’s back and the heel’s back should be aligned into a line. The sizing is incorrect if your heel protrudes over your foot.

When dancing, however, you could notice that your toes slightly protrude when your foot slips forward, which is usual.

Tighten the ankle strap slightly; it should be level with your ankle. Leave a space between your leg and ankle strap to help your foot slide further than necessary.

Naturally, give space for your leg’s blood circulation while you fasten the strap. Never pull the straps snugger than that.

Buckle up the ankle strap since a well-fitted heel may have your entire foot covered in the sole region with nothing dangling over the sides.

If it is a touch snug, don’t worry; the fabric will stretch with use. Use a hairdryer to extend patent straps on your footwear until they fit.

You can fasten your heel boots more tightly or loosely against the calf.


styles heels

Style is essential in pole dancing. Choosing the heel style should follow these basic rules:

You can consider the following options:

  • Slide-on sandals
  • Ankle-strap sandals
  • Knee-high boots
  • Thigh-high boots
  • Ankle boots


Some factors determine your heel’s height, such as its purpose, appearance, or comfort level.

If you practice pole dancing at home, ensure you can perform at this height without touching the walls and furniture.

Clubs and studios will have a restriction on heel height, depending on the surroundings.

It’s worth noting that your balance center will be higher if your heels are taller, primarily when you practice at home.

It is more challenging to stay balanced only with your feet. Therefore, be careful when dancing on uneven floors with debris and dirt on the surface.


Beyond aesthetics, the materials of heels matter. For instance, The patent works better for technique holding on the pole.

On the other hand, faux/PU materials can help you slide much more easily around your pole.

Extra Tips

Always choose heels designed for pole dancing over those used for typical night clubs or restaurants.

Furthermore, it would help if you broke in with a new pair before using it. To do this, walk around your house while wearing this footwear to broaden the inner insole for more comfort.

Practice walking in heels around your pole and on the ground, which will help you get used to this shoe.


Why Are Pole Dancing Heels So Tall?

High heels can help you improve your balance and posture, which assists you in controlling your body and adding elegance to your maneuvers.

Moreover, this footwear can make your legs slimmer and longer, making you more confident while dancing on the pole.

Is It Easier To Pole Dance In Heels?

The short answer is no! It would be best if you practiced regularly to familiarize yourself with this footwear.

Because dancing in heels uses muscles on the ankles, working on ankle strength exercises is advisable to avoid unwanted injuries and issues.

What Height Heels For Pole Dancing?

The suitable size for beginners is 6-inch heels. Once you’ve gained confidence and skills, you can opt for taller pairs.

Is It Hard To Pole Dance In Heels?

The short answer is yes! While dancing in heels, your legs will feel heavier due to the extra weight of this footwear.

In other words, you must work harder than usual, like when you perform without your bare feet.

What Heels Are Good For Pole Dancing?

If you are looking for some heels for dancing on the pole, here are some recommendations:

  • Dream Pairs heels
  • Macro Republic heels
  • Funtasma Juliet-209 heels
  • Pleaser Boot Shoes

Final Thoughts

In summary, it’s better to pole dance in heels because this footwear can improve your balance and posture while adding elegance to your movements.

Numerous types of heels are available on the market, so you must consider factors like brands, sizes, styles, height, and materials before purchasing.

Moreover, remember to follow the guides of your instructors strictly when practicing this sport in heels to avoid injuries.

If you know other tricks, please comment below to share them with other dancers. Thanks for reading!

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