What Can I Use Instead Of Pole Grip?

What Can I Use Instead Of Pole Grip

If you have performed pole dancing for a few years, you will realize that grip is crucial to polers.

That’s why pole grip comes into play to increase the stickiness or tension of the skin by fighting sweat and balancing dry skin.

However, sometimes you can’t find this product in your local stores. You may wonder: What can I use instead of pole grip?

Don’t worry! This article recommends some of the most effective substitutions for this product to supplement your dancing training.

Let’s scroll down!

What Can I Use Instead Of Pole Grip?

Luckily, here are the most common and efficient options you can consider:

  • Polesmart moisturizer
  • iTac2
  • Girlie Grip
  • Mighty Grip
  • Dew Point Pole
  • Dry Hands
  • Toothpaste

Each comes with different functions for different needs and body types. Let’s look through all of the following recommendations!

Polesmart Moisturizer

Is your skin ashy and dry, but it’s impossible to use lotions before a dancing session?

It’s a good idea to use Polesmart moisturizer as it’s an all-vegan product that can improve skin elasticity while increasing better tackiness.

This product is simple to use. You only need to spray the moisturizer on your skin, allow enough time for it to dry, and you can perform amazing tricks.


If you want more tackiness to perform intense and complicated maneuvers, it’s best to try iTac2 for your hands and body.

While this product isn’t explicitly designed for pole dancing, it can improve tension and help dancers hold the pole longer.

Apply a tiny amount of iTac2 to the contact points. Once the product has dried, give it about a minute before using it.

Girlie Grip

After you practice pole dancing for hours or when you feel nervous before a new maneuver, sweating is inevitable.

Girlie Grip is a formula to increase the dryness for a better stick when spinning on a static status or sliding into another transition.

This formula doesn’t cause your skin to dry out while having a pleasant scent. You can apply the product to your hands and other body parts to avoid slipperiness.

Mighty Grip

Mighty Grip offers a wide variety of products that make it easier for you to hold the pole.

You only need to sprinkle the powder on your hands and perform complex movements with better tension. Reactivate the tackiness by rubbing the hands together. It’s convenient!

Besides Mighty powder, you may consider the gloves if you often have hyperhidrosis.

Dew Point Pole

Do your skin often get dry? Or do you have trouble maintaining your body temperature when in cold rooms?

Dew Point offers three strength levels, so you can select the best-suited option to make your skin less dry with oil-free moisturization and improve tackiness.

Dry Hands

Do you constantly have sweaty hands? A liquid chalk formulation called Dry Hands is excellent for soaking up additional moisture.

Use it anywhere unpleasant sweat interferes with your dancing session, including your hands and other areas.

It optimizes your self-assurance so you can try out new maneuvers. Drop a tiny amount of Dry Hands or more throughout your training.


One of the less well-known pole dancing tricks is the use of toothpaste. How can you improve your tackiness with toothpaste?

It’s so simple! You only need to wash your hands with toothpaste, like soap, and thoroughly rinse in water.


Grip Problems In Pole Dancing

Even if you are an experienced or novice poler, you may encounter the following issues related to grip.

Dry Slip

Insufficient skin moisture prevents the tackiness and stickiness needed to hold the pole, which leads to a dry slip.

Contrary to popular belief, dancers should moisturize their hands and skin before training.

Moreover, oil and sweat are only a few of the reasons that cause you to experience grip issues.

Oily Skin

Polers seldom mention their oily skin because it’s sometimes mistaken for being sweaty.

Sebaceous glands that produce excessive amounts of sebum lead to oily skin. You often feel it on your face, but it can occur on your back, chest, and other body parts.

Your skin will get oily if you don’t wash oil-based beauty products before dancing on the pole.


Sweating is a healthy biological process that aids in controlling body temperature.

You may sweat for various causes, including physical activity, stress, heat, or the onset of a fever.

Though sweat is common, dancers who experience excessive perspiration and pole slippage may find it uncomfortable.

Polers’ top grip issue, which many people have encountered at some time, is sweaty hands.


Excessive sweating is a symptom of the illness known as hyperhidrosis. Many dancers with hyperhidrosis thus sweat profusely even in situations when it is not necessary.

Dancers will find it irritating to perform movements since excessive sweat requires much tackiness on their poles.

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What Can I Use To Stick To The Pole?

Besides this conventional product, you can consider other alternatives to improve tackiness when dancing, as shown below:

  • iTac2
  • Mighty Grip
  • Girlie Grip
  • Dry Hands
  • Polesmart moisturizer

Can You Use Hairspray As A Pole Grip?

Yes. Hairspray is an affordable substitution for traditional grip aids.

Can You Use Deodorant As A Pole Grip?

Yes, but these products are relatively expensive, and some types can’t prevent slipperiness when you perform spinning maneuvers.

Will Baby Powder Work As A Pole Grip?

No! Using baby powder as a Pole Grip alternative is not a good idea. This product will cause unnecessary bruises and slipping.

Can You Use Alcohol As A Pole Grip?

No. Instead of using alcohol to improve tackiness, it’s better to utilize it as a cleaner because it won’t cause slipperiness after application.

Can You Use Gloves For A Pole?

Yes. If other grip aid products don’t work, you can consider using gloves to fight against excessively sweaty hands.

The Bottom Line

Various grip aids are available on the market, so it’s relatively challenging to select the most suitable type for your needs.

Hopefully, this article with the best recommendations can solve your headache question: What can I use instead of pole grip?

Depending on your preference and need, you consider Polesmart moisturizer, iTac2, Girlie Grip, Mighty Grip, Dew Point Pole, Dry Hands, or Toothpaste.

Each type boasts outstanding features. Which one do you like most? If you know other suggestions, please comment below. Thank you for reading!

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