Can You Put A Dance Pole In An Apartment? (Things to Consider)

Can You Put A Dance Pole In An Apartment

Pole dancing requires frequent and consistent practice to master and develop your skills and increase the body’s flexibility.

Therefore, it’s critical to practice pole dancing at home besides time at the pole dance studios.

Yet, setting up a dance pole in a room or an apartment is a challenging task. You have to choose the right pole type and decide on the proper dimension.

If you are asking: Can you put a dance pole in an apartment, don’t miss out on this post. I will help you install a sturdy dance pole in your apartment.

Can You Put A Dance Pole In An Apartment?

Yes, it’s totally doable to install a dance pole in your apartment. Yet, ensure that the ceiling and floor are sturdy enough to support the pole’s weight.

There are various types of dance pole materials and sizes designed for distinct conditions. Consider the conditions of your home to decide on a suitable option.

In addition, the available space and dimensions around the pole are vital for a comfortable and efficient dancing experience.

Not all apartments or rooms can meet these requirements, thus becoming applicable for pole dance.

In the following sections, I will discuss the ceiling type, setup conditions, and other notes to help you decide if you can install a dance pole in the apartment.

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Different Types Of Poles

Here are some prevalent dance pole options and their essential characteristics.

You should consider their features carefully and choose one based on your preferences and conditions.

Tension Mounted

As its name suggests, this dance pole secures its position by resorting to tension.

With the screws to connect the components, the pole will generate pressure on both the floor and the ceiling.

This pole dance option is versatile and popular as it works with various building materials. However, the floor and ceiling must be solid to support the pole.

Another setback of tension-mounted poles lies in their installation process, which is significantly costlier and more time-consuming.

However, you will likely use this type for solid ceilings and grounds.

Podium Base

Consider getting a podium base if your ceiling needs to be more sturdy to support the pole. This category is very portable since you don’t have to implement a complete installation.


A static pole doesn’t rotate and can secure its position very well. If you are not used to spinning poles and prefer a fixed gripping point, this pole type is an excellent option.


The spinning poles are intermediate and advanced pole dancers’ favorite options.

They can spin, allowing the dancers to perform complex skills and movements around the pole.

Things To Consider

Ensure that the available space surrounding the pole is large enough for you to move freely and perform pole dancing without touching the wall.

You should also use a thick carpet to reduce the noise and avoid disturbing the neighbors.

The average price of a dancing pole can range between $700 and $100, depending on its build quality, size, and material.

I recommend you purchase the upper-price products for optimal safety and durability.


Your ceiling must be made of solid concrete to provide sufficient support for the pole.

If you have a weak or susceptible roof, consider getting a tension-mounted or portable base pole.


The minimum height required for pole dancing is between 7,5 and 9 feet.

The higher the ceiling, the better for the dancers. Therefore, you should take careful measurements to avoid unwanted problems in the future.

Pay Attention To The Pole’s Height

Type Of Ceiling

Most apartments feature solid concrete ceilings, which are sturdy enough to hold and support the pole securely.

However, you must ensure that the top is supported with a joist.

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Though tension-mounted poles will generate pressure on the floor and ceiling, they won’t leave any permanent and visible marks on the surface.

You just need to choose high-quality rubber domes to avoid indentations.


Nearly all types of floor material work with the dance poles, such as tile, wood, carpet, or concrete.

The concrete floor provides the highest support for the pole, but wooden floors would bring the most comfort.


Tile is the least recommended flooring for dancing poles since it doesn’t provide great support.

The concentrated pressure from the dance pole easily leaves marks and damages the floor’s surface.


Most pole fitness studios feature wooden floors, and they have them for a reason.

The wooden floor is softer and more comfortable to walk on while providing excellent support and solidity for the pole.


You can install a dance pole on a carpeted floor, but the concentrated pressure may shrink your carpet. I recommend you choose short-fiber carpets to avoid this problem.


As long as your concrete floor is flat and solid, installing a dancing pole is totally okay.

Wooden Floor Is The Best Option

How To Choose Dance Pole For an Apartment?

I think semi-permanent or portable dancing poles are the finest options for apartments. I will discuss the reasons for this recommendation and help you pick a suitable pole for your room.

Why Portable Pole?

When installing a dancing pole in the apartment, you would want to avoid damaging the ceiling and floor.

Any damage incurred will lead to substantial compensation fees from the security deposit.

Though semi-permanent and permanent dancing poles feature higher durability and safety, they are not an optimal choice for apartments.

If you use a low-quality product, it can leave permanent damage on the surfaces.

In addition, permanent poles are very costly and time-consuming to install. They cannot be removed or switched positions when you move out.

Meanwhile, a decent portable dancing pole can help you get rid of all these problems.

There will be some minor indentations to the carpets, but a portable pole won’t generate any further damage to the ceiling and floor.

Most products of this type utilize tension and pressure to secure their positions.

They don’t require any drilling or altering made to the ceiling or floor. These tasks are all inhibited if you rent or buy an apartment.

Furthermore, drilling can reduce the construction integrity and durability of the apartment.

However, the greatest benefit of portable poles is that you can switch their position easily from one room to another.

When the guests or friends come over, and you want to free up the space, the portable pole will show its value.

Furthermore, you can remove the pole to create more space when it’s not in use.

A permanent pole will hinder your movements and make you feel obstructed when doing daily activities in the apartment.

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Safety Tips You Need To Consider

You should locate the ceiling joist and mount your pole right under that position for optimal durability and support.

When choosing a dancing pole, prioritize premium products made from high-quality metals.

They are more costly, but the higher durability and beautiful aesthetic look will pay off. Meanwhile, cheap and low-quality products can bend or rust over time.

Lastly, ensure that the rubber on the top and bottom of the pole features sufficient stickiness to hold the pole securely and avoid damaging the surfaces.


If you still have unanswered questions about installing a dancing pole in an apartment, check out the informative answers below.

Will A Dance Pole Damage My Ceiling?

No, the pole won’t leave any damage or ruin the structure of your ceiling or floor.

However, you must ensure that the ground and ceiling are made of solid and sturdy materials to support the pole’s weight.

Can You Install A Pole Without Drilling?

Choose a standard tension-mounted pole if you don’t want to drill or damage the apartment structure.

This option doesn’t require any drilling since it uses pressure to secure the position and can be removed easily.

How Do You Pole Dance At Home Without A Pole?

There are many skills involved in pole dancing that don’t require learners to practice with the pole.

Some famous examples you can practice at home are planks, basic spins, or freestyle waves.

Can A Dancing Pole Go On Carpet?

Yes, you can definitely put a dance pole on the carpet. However, the pole will compress and make your carpet sink a bit when you tighten it.

So, you should use thin and durable carpets to avoid ruining their structure.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Pole In Your House?

It depends on the quality and size of the pole. The cost also decreases if you choose to install it on your own.

Meanwhile, the price for pole installation services ranges from around 800 to 1000 dollars.

Final Thoughts

In summary, putting a dance pole in an apartment is okay as long as the ceiling and floor are sturdy enough to support the pole’s weight.

You must also consider the available space and some other factors of the area.

Like the dancing fitness centers or studios, you can install a dance pole using support from a solid floor and ceiling.

Ensure that the available space is sufficient for a comfortable and efficient dancing experience.

If you don’t know how to set up the post, please seek the help of professional builders. I hope the answer in this post can help you decide on this task.

Thank you for reading!

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