Does Pole Dancing Hurt? How To Prevent These Pains?

Does Pole Dancing Hurt

Pole dancing has become an increasingly popular exercise and self-expression in recent years.

While many people enjoy its physical and mental benefits, some may wonder: does pole dancing hurt?

The answer is yes. Like any physical activity, pole dancing can cause pain or discomfort if not practiced properly or without the right precautions.

But with the correct technique and self-care practices, pole dancing can be a safe and enjoyable activity. To know more about this topic, keep scrolling below!

Does Pole Dancing Hurt?

The answer is yes! Just like any other sport, when you practice, you will likely get injured and feel pain.

There are two causes: pole burn and muscle pain. If you are a pole dancer, we are sure you have experienced these pains.

For those who don’t know, this type of dancing is a form of exercise that needs strength, flexibility, and skill. It involves performing acrobatic movements and turns on a vertical pole.

With this sport, dancers usually only use their hands, arms, and legs to support and balance the body.

Recalling the two types of pain we mentioned, we will learn more about their causes and symptoms!

Pole Burn

Pole burn is a common type of discomfort experienced by pole dancers. Beginners often experience this problem for a long time.

This friction burn occurs when the skin is in contact with the pole.

When dancers perform rotations and movements, the areas of skin in contact with the pole generate friction and lead to burns.

Your skin will then become red, raw, and painful. Besides, the amount of friction on the skin will increase if you wear clothes that are too tight.

Thus, pole dancers often wear protective gear and apply some product that reduces friction.

To help you know more about these protective items, we will discuss them in more detail later in the article.

If a pole burn occurs, you must get proper treatment to prevent infection and promote healing.

Cleaning the affected area with soap and water is the best place to start.

Then, apply a topical antiseptic and cover the burn with a sterile bandage to avoid infection. To avoid serious problems, you also need medical care.

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Muscle Soreness

Just like the above type of pain, muscle soreness also causes discomfort for dancers during practice.

You use a variety of muscles while pole dancing. They are your arms, shoulders, back, and legs. When these muscles work hard and continuously, they can become painful.

On the other hand, muscle aches are a body’s positive response when practicing. It shows that you have worked out effectively, and the muscles are growing in a positive direction.

But you should not exercise too much to stimulate muscles to work. You must warm up well before pole dancing and stretch after each session.

When pain bothers you, applying heat or ice to the affected area can also help reduce inflammation and promote healing.

Besides, you should massage gently or roll foam to increase blood flow to the affected area.

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Will Pole Dancing Stop Hurting?

With consistent practice, pole dancing can get less painful over time.

The muscles grow stronger and more resistant to the demands of pole dancing as the body adjusts to the movements and gains strength.

Besides, as dancers become more experienced, they can better control their movements and avoid unnecessary friction or pressure on their skin.

In general, these pains are not dangerous. Yet, if you ignore them, it will be challenging for you to practice.

So you must listen to your body to adjust the force and technique accordingly when trying new and challenging moves.

We can see that pole dancing needs a lot of physical effort and can put a lot of stress on the body.

Especially when it comes to overcoming your body’s limits, such as flexibility, strength, and endurance.

Thus, although the pain might lessen over time, it won’t go away.

But many pole dancers find that the benefits of this challenging and rewarding form of exercise far outweigh the discomfort and pain that can come with it.

Will Pole Dancing Stop Hurting

How To Prevent Pain While Pole Dancing?

We already know what causes pain when pole dancing. So now you’ll need ways to prevent that. You don’t need to worry because we have prepared several ways to solve your problem.

Do Not Over Stress

Too much stress when exercising will make you more susceptible to unwanted injuries. Beginners must start with the basics and gradually try more advanced tricks and maneuvers.

Besides, dancers should pay attention to their body’s signals and avoid pushing themselves beyond the limit.

Take breaks when necessary if you do not want your body to overwork causing injury.

Find A Sweet Spot

The “sweet spot” we’re talking about here is a balance between challenge and comfort.

Dancers should aim to find this balance and work within their current capacity. This tip can help prevent injury and minimize pain.

You should make sure you are getting enough rest and incorporate recovery techniques like foam rolling, massage, and stretching into your routine.

Keep Practicing

By continuously honing their skills and building on their physical abilities, dancers can reduce their risk of injury and minimize pain over time.

You must establish a regular pole dancing routine and stick to it as much as possible.

This routine helps you build consistency and ensures that your body gets enough exercise without overdoing it.

During your workout, you must use the correct technique. To do this, you must aim to learn the right form for each movement and practice good technique consistently.

Wear Safety Gear

One of the most common tools used by pole dancers is the knee pad.

It provides cushioning and knee protection to hold and support the body when performing extreme movements.

Also, grip aids such as chalk, grip-enhancing cream, or gloves can help reduce the risk of slippage or loss of grip on the pole.

This equipment can help prevent unnecessary stress on the hands, wrists, and arms.

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Extra Tips

Besides some ways above, we have also compiled some helpful tips to help prevent pain when pole dancing.

  • Drink enough water: Pole dancers should drink plenty of water before, during, and after exercise to maintain muscle and joint health.
  • Nutrition: You must have a balanced diet. Through this, you’ll get the nutrients you need to function optimally and reduce your risk of injury.
  • Self-care: Besides, you must engage in self-care activities such as stretching and massage.

Other Problems That Only Pole Dancers Know

Besides the pain issues, there are other problems with practicing this sport that only dancers know.

First, it’s a clothing problem. Pole dancers often wear minimal clothing to maximize skin contact with the pole.

But this can sometimes lead to cloth problems or discomfort. Wearing items too tight or not fastened can cause distraction during practice.

Besides, maintaining a firm grip is a challenging technique. To master this skill, you must practice specific gripping exercises or use grip aids to improve your grip on the pole.

Another problem is the fear of getting hurt. No one wants to get hurt while training. But being anxious can distract them and make them unable to perform movements definitively.

This problem can be a barrier to learning new moves or performing. By being aware of these challenges and minimizing them, pole dancers can enjoy their practice with greater ease and comfort.


So you already know the answer to the question: does pole dancing hurt?

In summary, although pole dancing can be a physically demanding activity that can cause pain and discomfort, pole dancers can take steps to prevent and control these problems.

By following our tips correctly, you can enjoy the many benefits of this challenging and rewarding form of exercise. To read more useful articles about this sport, visit our website!

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