Does The Pole Spin In Pole Dancing?

Does The Pole Spin In Pole Dancing

Are you curious how pole dancers can gracefully spin on the pole? Does the pole spin in pole dancing? Or do the dancers have to make it move?

Controlling the pole while performing elegant moves is one of the most challenging things pole dancers must overcome. But the pole has its own working process to assist the dancer.

Today, we will show you the secrets behind stunning pole dancing performances. Let’s check this guide to uncover the truth!

Does The Pole Spin In Pole Dancing?

The answer is Yes. A dance pole has two modes: static and spinning. It may use ball bearings to spin, making some complex moves easier to perform.

What is a spinning pole?

A spinning pole is a dancing pole that can spin following your momentum and body weight movements. As you grip the pole and swing around it, it spins.

A spinning pole has two support poles at each end. There are silica pads at the bottom and top chassis to avoid slipping.

The ball bearings installed inside the dancing pole make it spin, creating the difference between a spinning and a static pole.

Types of spinning pole

There are four types of spinning poles, each with a different spinning structure:

  • Rotating: This pole can spin freely and is the most popular choice among experienced dancers.
  • Portable: You can install and dismantle a portable pole anywhere.
  • Removable yet permanent: This pole has spinning brackets for attaching to the ceiling. You can remove it, but it prefers a permanent installation.
  • Permanent: This spinning pole allows you to install it in a fixed location.

Static vs. Spinning Pole: What Is The Difference?

A dancing pole can be spinning or static. The differences between them are:

  • A static pole has the same components as a spinning pole. However, it lacks the ball bearings to make it spin around.
  • A spinning pole provides momentum to motions, giving a dancer’s movements a more energetic impression.
  • A static pole offers a firmer grip. Hence, movements on this pole appear clearer.

Can you spin on a static pole?

Yes, you can. But your muscles have to work a lot, and you must focus on your body coordination to spin on the pole.

Without the spinning pole, you will use your force and speed instead. This video will introduce some spins to practice on a static pole:

Who should use static poles?

Beginners who are just starting often choose static poles. They like how stability helps them get familiar with the moves.

Sports dancers may choose these poles, too. They work on their endurance, so they need something to train it. And to keep your body stable when spinning, you must have strong muscles and good spinning technique.

Besides, intermediate and advanced pole dancers rarely practice or perform with static poles. It comes down to their preference to opt for the right tool.

Who should use spinning poles?

Instead, intermediate and advanced performers like spinning poles. These tools help you showcase their flawless moves. Artistic and exotic dancers have the same idea.

Some beginners choose spinning poles because they believe they can deal with the momentum. Yet, they can be more likely to get dizzy and injured.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Dancing On A Spinning Pole

This movement is undoubtedly beautiful. However, it brings out some challenges, too. Let’s see the pros and cons of using a spinning pole for dancing.


First, professional pole dancers love spinning poles. Those poles make it simple to add pace and character to their movements.

Furthermore, starting with a spinning pole may be simpler for some learners because they find it simpler to lift their bodies and then spin.

Lastly, being able to spin will give you a huge motivation. You can also imitate other dancers’ moves in your performance.


For beginners, momentum is a big problem. It often occurs before you can realize it. As a result, you may fall off the spinning pole and get injured.

Moreover, spinning causes dizziness. An abrupt boost in your speed when spinning will worsen the problem.

How To Dance On A Spinning Pole?

Learn how to dance step by step

While dancing, you need to pay attention to the pole’s motion. Here are some steps to help you overcome this challenge:

Step 1: Grab the pole

Stand behind the spinning pole, so it’s close to your dominant hand and inside foot. Then, lift your dominant hand above your head and grab the spinning pole with it.

Try to grab the pole tightly so you can hang your weight from the pole. Straightening your arm is necessary at this step.

Step 2: Swing around

Now, keep your outside leg straight and swing it. While pivoting your inside foot, start stepping around the spinning pole. You also need to bend your knees a little bit to create graceful moves.

Step 3: Hook the spinning pole

Stretch the outside foot behind and put your weight on it. Meanwhile, hook the inside leg around your spinning pole. In this posture, your knee will be in charge of gripping the pole.

Step 4: Bend backward

Bend backward so your body can form an arch shape. To be comfortable with this posture, try lowering your hand deeper. Remember to grip the pole with your hands to support your back.

Step 5: Finish

Return to the standing posture by slowly straightening your body. Then, release your hooked leg from the spinning pole and put the other leg in the standing posture.

Tips For Dancing On A Spinning Pole

Dancing on a spinning pole is challenging. While following the five steps above, bear in mind these tips too. They will help you handle this tricky job easier.

Stay focused

Do not look around while dancing on the spinning pole. All you have to do is focus on every step on the pole.

It would be best to look in a fixed direction to avoid dizziness and nausea. You can also look at a stationary point at a far distance.

Move less

If you dance a static pole, you must use more force to swing and move around it. Meanwhile, you just need to hold on to the spinning pole while performing your moves.

The trick here is to avoid moving too much, or you will lose your balance. Try to do accurate, controlled steps. They will help you handle the spinning pattern of the pole effortlessly.

Control your speed

If you start to feel that something’s going to go out of the track, slow down and stick to the pole’s speed.

Losing control may make you feel dizzy. In this case, try turning in the opposing direction and slowing down. You can land on the ground and perform some floor moves until you are calm enough to get back to the pole.

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Some dancing poles can spin on their own. They will help you execute stunning moves. However, you need to practice a lot to handle the spinning motions of the pole.

Hopefully, you will master this skill soon. If you need any help with practicing, comment in the section below. We will help you solve your problem.

Thank you for reading!

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