How Much Do Pole Dancing Classes Cost?

How much do pole dancing classes cost

Register for a pole dancing class, and your journey will start immediately. Yet, if the price is your top concern, you must prepare more for your first course.

How much do pole dancing classes cost? This article will help you expect the average price of those courses and some extra tips to find the best place to start.

Let’s jump into the details!

How Much Do Pole Dancing Classes Cost?

The average price of pole dancing classes varies depending on if you take it privately, in groups, at the studio, or at home parties.

Class of lesson Average price
Private $30-$65/hour
Studio $35-$60/person
Group $12-$40/person
Home party $200-$250/2 hours

The price of each type of class is different because they have different working processes. For example:

  • Private: A private pole dancing class costs between $30 to $65 per hour. The price varies because of the instructor you choose and if you take the class online or offline.
  • Studio: Pole dancing events are between $35 and $60 per participant for two hours. Ten visitors attend at the same time using different poles, observing and following the instructor guides.
  • Group: You can reduce the cost by gathering a group of participants. Then, you just need to pay about $12 to $40.
  • Home party: If your group has at least ten people, you can work with a trainer at a house party. The trainer will charge you about $200 for two hours, with $2- for each participant.

House parties don’t charge guests who don’t participate. But you need to cover the instructor’s travel fee, which is about $25 to $100, based on the distance they travel.

The prices we mentioned above are fixed. Yet, most instructors and studios have discounts for those who pay for a long-term or regularly attend their workshops.

For example, you may get some free hours if you register for a six-week course. You can receive the same deals on special occasions, such as Christmas or Black Friday.

Here are some factors that may change the average price of pole dancing classes. Consider them, and you can choose the right course.

Type of Class

The first factor determining the cost of pole dancing lessons is whether you take them alone or in a class.

Group classes often cost less than private tutoring since everyone shares the instructor’s work and time. Moreover, it’s a valuable chance to form a community with people of the same interest.

However, some people like private training because they want to get more one-on-one time. Therefore, what matters most, in the end, is your requirements and budget.

Class Format

There are two types of dancing pole class formats: online and offline. Your decision will affect the cost of your class.

Online classes are cheaper than in-person ones because the instructors don’t have to worry about renting facilities.

However, most people like offline dancing classes. During those courses, your instructor can check and correct your mistakes carefully.


Like with other kinds of classes, teachers with more reputation tend to charge you more. So if you practice with a famous instructor, expect your class to be more expensive.

Professional trainers have more experience in their careers. Hence, they know how to deliver their lessons effectively.

Attending their classes will help you improve significantly if you don’t mind the cost.

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Dance Equipment

A fitness class must have the equipment, and pole dancing is no exception. Of course, your offline class will equip the poles for your practice. And it charges you for that.

High-quality pieces of equipment are more costly than lower-quality items. Some focus on top-of-the-line models, increasing the cost of your class.


How can you know a pole dancing class is good? Before registering for any course, you should check previous reviews about it online.

Please also note that the cost of pole dancing classes may vary depending on the studio you choose.

Popular studios that have gotten positive ratings are constantly in demand and can charge extra for their services.

You may expect to spend more on courses if you attend a renowned studio with more favorable reviews than less well-known ones.

It doesn’t mean that the studios with less feedback are bad. They just need more time to build their reputation.

Are Pole Dancing Classes Worth It?

Considering your budget, pole dancing classes can be expensive or not. However, its value and benefits are more important than the cost. So are they worth it?

Pole dancing has been popular recently, especially among ladies, because of the following benefits:

  • This full-body workout improves your muscle strength and control. You can also build up your upper body and core.
  • Pole dancing is a kind of aerobic training. When your breathing and heart rates increase over the workout period, your circulation increases, too, making it a good exercise for your heart.
  • This sport requires balance and flexibility. Over time you can get more limber.
  • You can relax your mind while dancing on the pole. During the class, you will release endorphins too.
  • Regular workouts are good for your sleep and mood. It’s because you can sleep deeper and longer with a calm body and mind.
  • Pole dancing helps you build your confidence since it’s empowering.
  • If you want to lose weight, consider this workout. You can burn fat and keep fit after doing continuous and intense exercises.

Pole dancing gives you multiple benefits


Should I take online pole dancing classes?

It depends. Because you may practice at your own speed, on your own schedule, in your home, and at more frequent intervals, online pole dancing lessons might be beneficial.

Hence, online classes allow you to follow your passion without having to sacrifice your timetable, sometimes even in between studio sessions.

On the other hand, some others may need hands-on help to imitate the moves in the video tutorials. They don’t want to risk making mistakes and getting injured.

Are online pole dancing classes cheaper?

Yes. Most online pole dancing classes are cheaper offline because instructors don’t have to cover facility costs.

Some people also choose online courses first. They don’t buy the actual pole for their practice as they intend to try before committing.

If pole dancing isn’t what they want, they can quit anytime without regretting their costly investment.

How much do pole dancing classes cost in the USA?

It depends on which type of class you choose. Here are some examples:

  • Group: $16-$40/hour
  • Private: $30-$65/hour
  • Class packs: $180-$345 for ten classes
  • Memberships: $65-$140
  • Online: $89-$350/year

Where can I buy affordable pole dancing equipment?

You can find the best deals on many fitness equipment suppliers, such as X-pole or ThePole. Other online retailers, like Amazon and eBay, offer the same products.

Another option is to visit your local stores to find your favorite. If you are a beginner, go for the static pole instead of the spinning one to have an easy start.


How much do pole dancing classes cost? You need to pay about $30 to $60 for a pole dancing class. The price varies depending on the type of class.

The reputation of your instruction and studio also affects the total price. However, these costs are rewarding due to the benefits of pole dancing.

It would be best to research before attending any class. Check the reviews about your options carefully, and you can settle on the best one.

Thank you for reading!

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