Is Pole Dancing Good For Weight Loss? All Things You Should Know

Is Pole Dancing Good For Weight Loss

People may not consider adding pole dancing to their exercise routine when mentioning keeping fit.

Also, pole dancing may not be the popular exercise option when starting a weight reduction program.

Most people have misconceptions about this sport and view it as a pastime rather than a method of exercise.

However, according to numerous studies, pole dancing can bring many health benefits if you regularly practice.

Is pole dancing good for weight loss? Yes! You can burn calories while performing this activity, so it helps reduce some pounds.

It’s best to dig deeper into this article and get some explanations.

Let’s get started!

Is Pole Dancing Good For Weight Loss?

Pole dancing is one of the healthiest additions to your weight loss regimen since it can support burning calories and reducing some pounds.

People often assume pole dancing is simple because they often see professionals perform.

However, contrary to popular belief, this sport is demanding. It is a strenuous and challenging form of exercise.

How Pole Dancing Helps With Weight Loss?

Due to its emphasis on both cardio and muscle training, pole dancing is one of the most fantastic workouts.

You move your body constantly when pole dancing, leaning on your legs and arms to support your weight.

As you can see, you are working out your entire body, which is necessary for weight loss.

Pole dancing works out your entire body while also boosting your cardiovascular health.

It’s essential to be in the “fat-burning zone” to reduce weight. It’s time your body uses more fat instead of carbohydrates for energy.

You can reach your fat-burning zone if the heart rate fluctuates from 70% to 85% of the optimal heart rate.

Due to the aerobic nature of pole dancing, which raises the heart rate, this activity is a terrific approach to entering your fat-burning zone.

How Many Calories You Can Burn Per Pole Dancing Session?

Depending on how long you spend pole dancing and how quickly you move, you’ll either burn calories.

Contrary to popular belief, calories are not fattening agents. Instead, they are units of energy.

The average quantity of calories burned during a pole dancing practice is 250; it’s also the average number expended during a typical gym session.

Nevertheless, a good pole dancing lesson might cause you to expend approximately 500 calories, depending on how intense it is.

Also, calorie expenditure varies between males and women. For instance, the daily calorie expenditure of an adult female ranges from 1,600 – 2,400, whereas that of an adult male is from 2,000 – 3,000.

According to research, an average 1-hour pole dancing session might result in a calorie burn of about 441.

For this reason, pole dancing is comparable to cardiovascular exercise or aerobic when mentioning burned calories or supporting weight loss.

Besides, it’s worth noting that pole dancing may support a weight reduction regimen, but weight loss always occurs when you consume fewer calories per day than you burn.

If you want to lose some pounds, you must apply calorie deficit and calculate the in and out calories.

Therefore, if you continue taking in more calories than you expend each day, pole dancing won’t be sufficient to assist you in losing weight.

What Are Other Benefits Of Pole Dancing?

Besides supporting weight loss, pole dancing can bring you numerous benefits. Let’s keep reading to discover!

Tone Muscles

Pole dancing is an excellent calisthenic entire-body workout. When practicing, you use your whole body to move your body weight.

When you exercise on the pole, you can feel that this activity focuses on muscle groups like sculpting lean muscles and fat-burning.

Moreover, pole dancing offers several opportunities to tone the muscles in your back, thighs, arms, and abdomen.

Build Self-Confidence

Dancing is a fantastic method of feeling in control and confident, especially if you are trying something new.

You will rapidly start to acquire some critical skills after you have the fundamentals and have built up some muscle.

Being self-assured is more than simply a mental state; it also affects how you move and stand.

Build Self-Confidence

Increase Flexibility

Pole fitness involves a dancer’s workouts to develop their strength and correct form, which are often built on a ballet basis.

To do these maneuvers, you need to be both strong and flexible. Improved range of movement results from keeping muscles flexible.

Pole exercise has several advantages for people who want to become more flexible while simultaneously recovering from ailments.

Improve Posture

It would be best if you combined pole fitness with training for proper posture. Also, pole dancers should purchase high-quality sports bras.

Stretches targeting the pubococcygeus muscle are one of the many techniques used in pole fitness sessions to help posture.

Additionally, they provide exercises for strengthening the muscles that stabilize your pelvis, spine, and hips.

As a result, your spinal strength and flexibility will develop, making you seem great on any occasion!

Improve Balance

Pole fitness builds muscle groups through a wider variety of movements than traditional exercises.

It means that everything is working equally hard in addition to strengthening your core muscles.

Pole dancing promotes increased coordination while lowering the risk of damage, which is the way it enhances balance.

Maintaining good balance will prevent injuries when you’re spinning it at high speeds on the pole.

Reduce Stress

Pole dancing also brings many benefits related to emotional and psychological health.

Your body begins to steadily accumulate adrenaline whenever you are under stress, which causes you to feel tense, easily irritated, and melancholy.

You may burn off all that energy and start releasing endorphins by engaging in an energetic pole dancing activity.

A decent pole dancing workout will make you feel more at ease and joyful.

Enhance Joints And Bones

Many people struggle with joint discomfort, a severe and ongoing problem. Women are more likely than males to suffer osteoporosis in later life.

Increased joint flexibility and developing solid bones with connective tissue dramatically decrease women’s risk for osteoporosis.

Pole dancing is among the safe types of exercise because your joints aren’t under as much strain as they would be if you were jogging and skipping rope.

You may also prevent typical repetitive strain ailments such as carpal tunnel syndrome since grasping the pole continually strengthens the hands’ muscles.

Improve Blood Flow

If you are looking for a moderate-to-intense aerobic workout, look no further than pole dancing.

Exercise regularly to enhance blood flow because it works for all muscle groups at a particular time.

This exercise is especially advantageous for anyone who has a sedentary lifestyle and spends a lot of time sitting in seats.

Benefit Pregnancy

Not many people know that pole dancing is beneficial for pregnancy time. It can develop strong abdominal and back muscles.

It makes childbirth less stressful and helps lessen discomfort throughout the pregnancy.

Support Sleep

Sleeping is equally crucial as exercising and adhering to a good diet.

You’ll get a decent night’s sleep if you regularly engage in physically strenuous exercises and stretching as sessions of your pole dancing training.

Motivate To Work Out More

You will rapidly lose motivation if working out seems like a burden and you do not even truly progress or learn any practical techniques in daily life.

Pole dancing is enjoyable, as mentioned above, so you don’t even realize you’re doing cardio workouts. This activity helps you gain strength, endurance, and a desirable body shape.

It’s relatively simple to practice your movements at home, and you’ll want to work out even more when your skills advance.

Motivate To Work Out

What Are The Best Alternatives For Pole Dancing?

You can try various additional physical activities besides pole dancing to support your weight loss efforts.

Let’s check some exercise activities comparable to pole dancing for weight loss.


Pole dancing and yoga require you to hold challenging positions for a long time while using minimal to no tools.

You’re concentrating on engaging specific muscles to defy gravity and sustain your yoga positions.

In other words, you gain muscle mass and burn calories to reduce some pounds.

Yoga comes in a variety of difficulty levels. Therefore the total calories you expend every yoga session will vary based on the course.

Nevertheless, you will often burn an additional 200 calories and practice mindfulness in intermediate yoga classes.


Pilates is a type of workout that requires holding difficult positions for long periods.

While yoga concentrates on the elements of awareness and breathing, Pilates primarily focuses on constructing strength via the appropriate postures.

As a result, you will generally burn extra calories doing a Pilates class than a yoga class because pilates classes are often slightly more demanding.

Depending on your body weight, one hour of intermediate Pilates may result in you burning between 250 and 350 calories.

You’ll additionally be developing muscular tone, similar to yoga and pole dancing, to support your exercise.


How Much Weight Can You Lose From Pole Dancing?

The answer depends on various factors, like the session’s intensity, the frequency of your practice, your gender, and your calorie deficit.

For example, using your deficit as a starting point, you may calculate your weekly weight reduction as follows:

  • You will lose 1 pound each week when you maintain a 500-calorie deficit per day.
  • You will lose 2 pounds weekly when you hold a 1000-calorie deficit daily.

How Long Does It Take To Lose Weight Pole Dancing?

It’s hard to answer this question directly since many elements affect how long a person reduces some pounds with pole dancing.

If you pole dance properly and apply the correct calorie deficit, it only takes a few months to see the result.

However, if you don’t control the calories burned and take in and lack essential skills, it may take a couple of years to lose weight.

few months to lose weight

How To Lose Weight By Pole Dancing?

Calorie deficit, or eating fewer calories daily than the body uses, is the only method to shed pounds with pole dancing.

Moreover, you must maintain good habits to maintain this weight. Here are some tips to consider while reducing weight by pole dancing!

  1. Just eat when you’re hungry.
  2. Consume protein with each meal.
  3. Drink water.
  4. Move daily.
  5. Eat more veggies.
  6. Avoid eating junk food.
  7. Get enough sleep.
  8. Avoid drinking alcohol
  9. Avoid getting stressed and bore
  10. Try to move every day

How Fast Do You Lose Weight Pole Dancing?

Pole dancing is a terrific way to reduce weight since it may assist you in burning anywhere between 200 and 600 calories every hour.

According to research, pole dancing workout often helps overweight women of 40 to 50 pounds lose weight in six to eight weeks.

Does Pole Dancing Make You Lose Belly Fat?

Yes. When you pole dance, this activity focuses on several muscle groups, including the abdomen. In other words, this exercise can help you lose belly fat.

Do You Get Bulky From Pole Dancing?

The short answer is no. Pole dancing utilizes your body weight, the finest thing for sculpting your muscles.

It ensures that your muscles won’t grow excessively and causes you to tire more quickly. Moreover, it implies that you won’t become overly bulky.

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Final Thoughts

Is pole dancing good for weight loss? Yes! This activity is a great way to support overall weight loss goals.

An excellent pole dancing workout will help you expend around 500 calories, depending on the intense level of this session.

Moreover, this sport brings several benefits for anyone. It can help you tone muscles, build self-confidence, improve posture, support sleep, reduce stress, enhance flexibility, and many other advantages.

Hopefully, you will find this post helpful. If you have further questions, please comment below. Thanks for reading!

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