Top 10 Pole Dance Party Ideas: The Best Games For A Pole Dance Party

pole dance party ideas

Pole dancing parties have become a popular way to celebrate special occasions. If you’re planning this party, you’ll want many fun games and activities.

Whether you’re a pole dancing enthusiast or a beginner, there are plenty of playable games to keep your party fun.

This article has the top 10 pole dance party ideas to make your event memorable. Keep scrolling to learn more!

10 Pole Dance Party Ideas

There are many options, from Memory Battle to Secret Santa. Let’s find out what they are!

Memory Battle

This exciting dance battle game requires players to have a sharp memory. The object is to take turns performing a swing using the pole.

The second player must then complete the first one and add another move. The third player must perform both the first and the second trick. Besides, this player must add a new one.

The key to winning the game is smooth transitions. The player who forgets to make the next move is eliminated. Then, the game continues until only one player remains standing.

The game challenges your memory and encourages you to be creative. Besides, you have to think of new moves to impress your opponent.

So it is a great physical activity for all ages. Thus, gather your friends and family and get ready to spin, trick, and dance your way. Then win this fun dance game!

Pole Relay

Some preparation is needed in advance to play this game. Stick some candies or snacks to the ceiling or the pole top. Once you’ve done that, you can split your guests into two or more teams.

The object is for the team members to take turns climbing the pole and grabbing candy. So this game needs very high coordination, balance, and agility.

It encourages teamwork and communication in teams. They must strategize and plan the pole approach.

Pole Dance Musical Statues

Pole Dance Musical Statues

This activity is great for your whole class to move and explore. Just pick a song and ask everyone to dance freely to it. But the real challenge begins when you pause the music.

At that point, everyone had to freeze in their current location.

Besides, you can pause the music to create fun and giggles. To add an element of competition, you can ask the losers of each round to take a penalty.

We recommend a series of push-ups. Also, they can go out until you have a winner.

This activity is a great way to improve coordination. It can enhance their balance and agility. So pick a song, turn up the volume, and get ready to dance!

Balloon Dancing

This game needs two teams to participate. You can adapt it to suit players of all ages and abilities. The goal is for two players.

To start, place a balloon between them. They then run to the designated pole and perform a turn. After completing the rotation, they must come to their line to pass to the next player.

One note is not to use hands. The team that gets to the finish line first wins the game!

Creativity Challenge

This dance game is for everyone to take turns running and posing. The goal is always to think of a single move without repeating previous ones.

The game allows for many movements, including variations, spins, climbs, inversions, and floor moves. The player has only 30 seconds to move. So it encourages creativity.

In short, it’s an engaging and challenging way to get people moving and thinking on their feet. So focus your thoughts and see what poses you can think of in this exciting and dynamic game!

Creativity Challenge

Pole Trick Alphabet Game

In this fun and challenging game, the goal is to create a habit by performing polar tricks that link together in the alphabet.

Start with a pole trick with the letter A, such as “Allegra.” The next pole trick will start with the last letter of the previous move.

In this case, it’s A, so “Attitude Wheel” would be a good choice. The game will continue with an N, such as “Nosedive,” followed by “Elbow Hold.”

If you find it hard to figure out a move, don’t worry, you can always consult others for inspiration. Or, if you’re feeling creative, you can make a new one that fits the game theme.

As the game progresses, think of ways to transition between moves to create a cohesive routine.

With practice, your team can create a unique and impressive pole dance routine with this fun game!

Pole Dance Musical Chairs

Pole dance musical chairs is a fun and energetic game. It makes a difference from the classic musical chair game.

In this game, participants jump around a pole (but not on it) while music plays in the background.

Each player must quickly find the nearest one and perform a sit when the music stops. Unlike traditional musical chairs, more than one person per pole is allowed.

This feature makes for a challenging game. It is better to have many players to make the game more interesting.

Hence, it will create competition and encourage players to take action. The goal is to secure a spot at the pole when the music stops.

In short, this is a game for dancers of all levels and ages. So it is the perfect addition to any party or gathering.

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Dance Musical Chairs

Secret Santa

Do you look for a fun and engaging activity for your Christmas party? Why not try Secret Santa? This fun game involves putting all the guests’ names in a vase at least some days before the party.

The goal is to give people time to buy gifts.

Then each person chooses a name from the jar and buys a gift for the person with the name they chose. Setting a budget limit can prevent arguments about the price.

On the day of the party, distribute the gifts to their respective recipients. It will be great to see what everyone has received from their secret Santa.

You can even turn it into a game by having people guess who gave them a gift.

So if you want to add extra fun to your Christmas party, Secret Santa is the perfect activity to get everyone into the festive atmosphere!

Pole Charades

The pole charade is the best twist on the classic word puzzle game. We guarantee it will bring laughter and excitement to any party.

You must divide your party guests into two teams to get started. Each team will need a word and then use pole moves as clues. The goal is to convey that word to the opposing team.

Teams can choose an action or a letter as their clue. If feeling daring, they can even spell out the letters of their word by moving.

Then the opposing team will have to guess the word. The team that has the correct word the fastest will win the game.

Mannequin Challenge

You can combine pole dancing poses to give a breath of fresh air to the Mannequin Challenge craze!

Have each participant perform a different polar trick and freeze in a single position. Capture the challenge and combine footage to create a fun and visually impressive video.

Be sure to choose one that is age-appropriate and matches the skill level of your party guests. Don’t forget to have fun and record the challenge on the video to relive the experience later.


What To Expect At A Pole Party?

Pole Party

At a pole dance party, you can learn pole dance moves, play games, and have fun with your friends. The party can be tailored to suit your needs, whether a birthday party or a bachelorette party.

What Do You Wear To A Pole Party?

Wear comfortable, stretchy clothing that allows movement. We recommend shorts and tank tops.

Avoid wearing jewelry or clothing with zippers, as they can get caught in poles. Besides, heels are optional but can help with balance and add challenge.

Is Pole Dancing Good?

Yes, it is. Pole dancing is a great workout that can improve flexibility, strength, and cardiovascular health. It can promote self-confidence and body positivity.

Does Pole Dancing Hurt?

Yes, it does. Pole dancing can cause discomfort or bruising, especially in the beginning.

Yet, proper warm-up, technique, and rest can help prevent injury and minimize pain. Over time, the body adapts to the movements, and the pain will lessen.


We have recommended many pole dance party ideas to play at a pole dance party. These games offer a fun and unique way to celebrate special occasions.

Besides, it helps you bond with friends and show off your pole dancing skills.

So gather your friends, plan your party, and get ready for a night filled with laughter, excitement, and lots of pole dancing fun!

Stay tuned for more articles!

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