What To Wear To Pole Dancing Class?

What To Wear To Pole Dancing Class

Wearing a suitable outfit is critical for any pole dancer, as it helps you practice more comfortably and bring a fashionable look. If you are struggling to choose suitable outfits for the upcoming classes, don’t miss out on this post!

From the shoes to the tops and bottoms, I will help you choose the most trendy and comfortable clothing pieces for pole dance sessions. There are also additional helpful tips to help you dress and practice better.

So, what to wear to pole dancing class? To avoid wasting your time, let’s jump straight in!

What To Wear To Pole Dancing Class?

The outfit for pole dancing should leave as much skin contact as possible to increase the grip of the pole. You should prioritize fitness shorts and bras to achieve the highest comfort and performance.

In addition, the outfit must suit the fitness centers and classes’ regulations while ensuring your safety and comfort during the process. I will discuss more of these factors in the following sections.


You can wear soft indoor shoes with a rubber bottom or just practice with your bare feet. These items will help you keep balance and control your natural movements easier, especially for beginner pole dancers.

However, you should never wear a shock to pole dance since it will decrease the grip on the floor and make it harder to control your movements. In addition, the slipperiness of socks can increase the risks of falls and injuries.

Unless you are a professional performer, I don’t recommend you wear heels of any type. It’s only an option for some exotic or sensual pole dance performances, not regular pole dancing classes.

Ensure that you prepare a pair of indoor shoes to wear after stepping into the pole fitness studio. Outdoor shoes are dirty and not optimal for dancing or moving on the hard wooden surfaces of the studios.

Tops And Bottoms

The intermediate and advanced pole dancers should wear shorts to optimize skin contact area and stick to the pole easier. Meanwhile, you can choose between a tank top or a sports bra.

Ensure that the clothing material features high breathability and an excellent capacity to absorb moisture. You will sweat a lot during a pole dance session, and these clothing pieces will keep you cool and comfortable.

It would help if you avoided all types of thick leggings or jeans that hinder your legs’ natural movements. These clothing pieces are not stretchy and comfortable enough for a pole dancer to perform basic to advanced skills.

In addition, avoid baggy pants and clothing pieces because you need to work closely with the pole. Therefore, knowing the exact position of your body parts helps you control the movement easier.

Heels And Low Flow

As mentioned above, you should only wear shoes or work on bare feet when taking regular pole dance classes. These sessions typically require your feet to interact with the pole to perform the skills.

Meanwhile, you can wear dancing heels when taking classes that prioritize base work and low flow. It means that they don’t require as much contact area between your feet and the pole as the regular sessions.

However, dancing heels normally won’t pair well with regular sports bras and fitness shorts. You can freely customize your outfit to assert your fashionability and attractiveness.

For example, a dancing heel will pair well with a nice dancing dress or costumes like Yumi or Monique. Heels also combine excellently with bikinis in exotic pole dance performances.

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Heels Are Not Appropriate For Pole Dance Classes

Beginner Pole Dancers

Though shorts are the most prevalent choice for pole dancers, beginners should choose the longer ones that cover their knees. It’s also advisable to wear soft tank tops or T-shirts for pole dancers at the entry levels.

These outfits are not too exotic and make you feel more comfortable when joining a new pole fitness class. In addition, they will help you get used to the basic skills around the pole quickly.

I know that every beginner pole dancer will feel uncomfortable dressing in bras and fitness shorts. It’s hard to wear this outfit in a pole fitness class with a lot of classmates and strangers.

However, as you spend more time in the classes and develop your skills, you will gradually feel more familiar with these outfits. However, it would be best if you chose form-fitting clothing pieces that grip well into your body shape.

What About Advanced Pole Dancers?

Professional pole dancers or learners at more advanced levels will need to focus on inversion and complicated pole dance skills. It requires the dancer to contact significantly more with the pole and perform the harder techniques.

This contact point concentrates mainly between your rib cage and pelvis. Therefore, the dancer should not cover the skin in these areas to achieve more grip when interacting with the pole.

Some recommendations are sports bras, dancing belts, or fitness shorts. These clothing pieces are a favorite choice of advanced pole dancers since they optimize skin contact area and comfort when pole dancing.

Warming up

Warming up is an indispensable part of every pole dance class and training session. During the warm-up session, you can put on a delicate clothing piece on top of your pole dance outfit.

After warming up your body, you can quickly take these clothing pieces off and get ready for the upcoming training sessions. It will keep you warm, especially on cold winter days.

Your warm-up outfit should combine essential qualities like comfort, durability, softness, and high breathability. Also, choose the clothing pieces that suit your fashionable taste and appearance.

Warm Up Before Pole Dance

Prioritize Quality

I know that you will want to build a collection of pole dance wears to make yourself fashionable in every class. There’s nothing wrong with this unless you focus on quantity over quality.

Suppose you take three pole dance classes per week. Then you won’t need many pole dance outfits. Around five or six outfits are comfortable to wear, alternatively for a pole dancer.

The key is to focus on quality, not quantity. You should invest time and money in choosing the highest-quality clothing with a beautiful appearance and optimal comfort.

If you have a massive drawer of sporting wear, select your favorite outfits with the highest quality. Combine and customize around five to six outfits, and you’re ready for the months ahead.

It will also save you time keeping and selecting which clothes to wear before each pole dance class and training session. Remember that simplicity, excellent quality, and beautiful appearances make up the best pole dance wear.

How To Pick The Suitable Outfit For Your Pole Dance Class?

Though the mentioned tips and suggestions are applicable to most situations, not all pole dance centers and studios have the same dress code. There are extra regulations relating to pole dance wear you must consider.

Here are some methods to ensure that you choose suitable outfits and avoid violating the studio’s regulations.

Research The Rule Of Your Pole Studio

Every pole fitness or pole dance studio has its own rules and regulations. You can search on the studio’s website or check out the regulation boards on its site to find more information.

The dress codes and regulations relating to students’ outfits are typically mentioned in detail. Therefore, don’t forget to check out all the rules and dress up accordingly to avoid violating the regulations.

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Consult The Classmates And Teachers

Another efficient way is to consult the teachers and instructors directly. Some instructors want their students to dress in the same outfits to create a harmonious atmosphere in the class.

You should ask clear questions about the dress codes, regulations, and what to wear at the first learning sessions. Also, check out the accessories available at her dancing class.

Imitate The Instructors’ Fashion Style

Have you ever walked into a class or working site and found that your outfit doesn’t match the party’s spirit or everyone else’s clothes? It’s one of the most embarrassing experiences no one wants to encounter.

You can observe the pole dance classes on the internet or right in the studio you are joining. Try to make new friends and establish relations with your classmates to consult them about suitable outfits.

Also, don’t try to wear too differently from your classmates because it won’t leave a good impression on everyone’s mind. Be humble and harmonious to create a positive and fun learning environment.

Accessories To Bring To Your Pole Dancing Class

Besides essential clothing pieces like supporting bras, fitness shirts, and shorts, various accessories can assist you when practicing pole dance. The instructors of the classes may require some accessories.

Meanwhile, the rule only allows some items, and you should leave them behind. Let’s take a look at the sections below and find out which accessories you need.

Extra Accessories

A Hand Towel

Some essential tools you may need for a pole dance training session are:

  • Hand towel: This item is indispensable for pole dancers who sweat a lot, especially around the hands and legs areas. You can use a clean hand towel to dry the sweat and cool down your body temperature.
  • Arnica gel: This gel is available in many grocery stores and pharmacies. Its primary use is to treat the bruises or scratches you get when practicing pole dance.
  • Grip aid: As its name suggests, this item helps increase the grip on the pole and help you practice better. If you struggle with some complex or dangerous skills, this item will come in handy.
  • A soft tank top: You can wear this clothing piece when warming up or cooling down in training sessions. It will help coordinate your body temperature and keep it warm during cold days.

Many pole fitness centers do provide these items on their counters. It would help if you research beforehand or ask the instructors to find the accessories you need. It will save you time and effort buying them from external sites.

You should choose a soft and clean towel explicitly designed for the human body and skin. For the arnica gel, you should test it on your skin prior to ensuring there are no allergies or side effects.

In addition, prioritize grip aids produced by reputable brands like Dew Point, Dry Hands, or liquid chalk. You should only use this item when necessary. Never rely on them when practicing pole dancing.

Don’t forget to ask the instructor about the grip aid since many pole fitness centers have different policies about this item.

For Male Learners

Male pole dancers can wear activewear shorts and an additional high-cut or pull-over tank top for optimal comfort. Also, put on tight-fitting underwear or a dance belt if you prefer.

Some pole fitness studios and centers allow men to practice shirtless, but you should check the regulations and consult the instructors carefully. However, my recommendation is that you should wear a fitness tank top.

The point of practicing shirtless is to take advantage of the skin’s grip when contacting the pole. It will help you perform the techniques and hang on the dance pole easier, especially for male pole dancers.

Wearing tight underwear also makes your outfit neat and secure. Professional male pole dancers usually wear a dance belt to optimize the skin contact area.

What To Leave At Home?

You should not bring lubrication accessories like body oils and lotions at home.

These items are typically not allowed by the pole fitness centers’ regulations, and they won’t assist you much in the process.

Some body lotions can help reduce the traction and make you feel more comfortable practicing with the pole. However, you should apply it around one or two days prior to attending a pole fitness class.

Also, leave all the decorative items and small accessories like rings, watches, jewelry, and nail extensions at home. All these items will hinder your movement and make pole dancing uncomfortable.

In addition, the sharp metal accessories may accidentally scratch your skin and make your classmates feel uncomfortable. They can also damage the pole’s finish and ruin its appearance.

You can bring these accessories, but remember to take them off before practicing. Leave valuable items in safe and secure storage cabins provided by the center.

Don’t Wear Your Watch And Accessories


The additional answers below will give you more insights into pole dance class wearing clothes. Check out the sections below to discover more!

Are Leggings Or Shorts Better For Pole Dancing?

Shorts are a better choice for pole dancers than leggings. The main reason to avoid leggings is that they reduce the friction on your skin, which is necessary for sticking to the pole.

Meanwhile, wearing shorts help the dancers stick to the dancing pole easier and perform more smoothly. In addition, they possess higher breathability, making you feel more comfortable over long hours of practice.

Are Leggings Suitable For Pole Fitness?

Though leggings will reduce the friction and contact area of your legs’ skin with the pole, it’s a recommended choice for beginner dancers. Leggings can cover and protect your legs better from scratches and bruises.

However, adept and professional pole dancers prefer shorts over leggings for optimal comfort and performance. Their low breathability and extra tension will hinder your legs’ movement during the process.

How Should A Beginner Pole Dancer Wear?

Beginner pole dancers attending their first classes should dress comfortably and professionally like everyone. I recommend you wear form-fitting shorts that fit nicely with your body shape and skin.

However, you can wear leggings or shorts with a higher coverage area if you don’t feel confident in the first sessions.

Does Wearing Shoes Make Pole Dance Easier?

Dancing with your bare feet is the easiest choice for beginners to get used to the basic movements and techniques. You can comfortably move around and perform the skills without any hindering objects.

Meanwhile, adding heels or wearing shoes will make the task more strenuous. It makes you feel less natural and more challenging to keep balance. You should wear shoes only when you have mastered the basic movements.

Is Pole Dancing Hard On Your Body?

Pole dancing is quite strenuous and challenging for beginners since it incorporates a lot of body parts movements. Your core muscles must coordinate in harmony to keep balance and perform the right techniques.

While there are always risks of injury and pain, you should be fine when following the instructions and safety measures. In addition, your muscles and body will slowly adapt to this practice and make it much easier.

Final Thoughts

What to wear to pole dancing class? In summary, wearing shorts is advisable for pole dancers since you need a grip on your skin to stick to the pole.

Meanwhile, avoid leggings, jeans, or clothing pieces that may hinder your body and legs’ movements during the process.

It’s also essential to pay attention to the clothing’s material. You should prioritize soft and comfortable materials with high breathability and stretchiness to support robust body movements in pole dancing.

Lastly, ensure that your outfit suits the dress code of the practicing sites and everyone else’s clothes. Slowly, you will learn to customize your outfit and achieve the highest comfort and performance. Thank you for reading!

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